Carol Seidman, the self-proclaimed leader of the seminar-selling group known as the “Miracle of Love,” claims she speaks for a “higher power.”

Guru Carol SeidmanSeidman’s followers call her “Kalindi La Gourasana.”

However, a local newspaper reporting about the group named it simply the “Kalindi Cult.”

Ms. Seidman, once the sidekick of self-styled “channeler” David Swanson, says that she has been channeling his power since her mentor’s death some years ago.

Well, that’s what Kalindi’s followers believe.

And Seidman is good at gathering followers, especially rich ones.

The group largely based in San Diego promotes “The Intensive,” which is an introductory six-day Miracle of Love seminar.

During the days of mass marathon training there is “screaming and crying…dancing and laughter. Seminar participants are hugged, praised, coddled and cradled. Their brains flood with endorphins; they feel purged, released, euphoric. Hearts fill with love for everyone in the room…they are experiencing…God’s energy” reported San Diego City Beat. 

Some say it’s more like “brainwashing.”

Has Kalindi concocted a formula based upon older more established seminars such as the Forum and added a dash of “Ms. Maharishi“?

CultNews recently received YouTube links that show Seidman performing for her faithful.

In one clip the 52-year-old becomes nostalgic, and dances to 1960s pop music after telling followers that her version of enlightenment doesn’t prohibit “sex,” “hamburgers” or “rock-n-roll.”

If you want to see this middle-aged guru shake her tailfeathers click here.

In another clip Seidman is somewhat less of a joke.

She eerily warns seminar attendees that in order to expose the “beautiful gem” inside of them they may have to rub away some “evil.”

To see Seidman holding forth about polishing off the “darkness” click here.

Miracle of Love is registered as a “nonprofit.”

However, whether it’s dancing carelessly festooned in feathers or pontificating comfortably from her overstuffed throne, Seidman seems to be doing well.

Miracle of Love is largely based in San Diego and at least one “Intensive” was held in the La Jolla Marriott Hotel.

Kalindi likes to keep her followers carefully organized within “group houses,” supervised by appointed “spiritual leaders.”

Interestingly, one California man ended up less than enlightened. He was sentenced to a year in jail over a kidnap plot that reportedly centered on recovering $3.8 million lost by members of the group.

It appears dancing Kalindi is swinging pretty big assets.

Note: Don’t be surprised if these clips are quickly removed from YouTube subsequent to this report, point and click soon before they are gone.


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  1. This is an amazingly bizarre “new-age” cult with only a few members, but like all cults, those few members are plucked of their money like chickens are of their feathers. It really surprises me that in this age of science, reason and the internet these cults can keep popping up. I guess mankind is looking to some higher power for answers when there are none. Sad. I hope this evil little cult is wiped out soon.

  2. Click on these clips ASAP before YouTube caves to pressure. I especially love the “hidden gem” clip where “all living entities are devine” or some such crud. If she believed this were true, why is this nutjob all adorned in feathers taken viciously from another “devine entity known as a chicken”? What a flipping scoundrel and vile person she is.