By Benjamin Spector

Dear Congressman Ackerman:

You seem to be a very compassionate man. You spoke eloquent words of praise about Sri Chinmoy as you looked into the eyes of his disciples and tried to comfort them for their current loss.

The disciples you spoke to are in mourning now and do feel a loss for Sri Chinmoy, who was their strength and their hope.

However, when you spoke to them you failed to mention or even notice a even bigger loss they have sustained.

chinmoy600.jpgHave you not been aware that Sri Chinmoy has robbed them of their identities as human beings, of their ability to intellectually reason and think for themselves?

Were you not aware that Sri Chinmoy has exploited his followers and made many of them work below minimum wage and with no health insurance?

Do you not know that many of Chinmoy’s disciples will go into their senior years with no social security and ineligible for Medicare?

Do you not know that many of them are illegal aliens working for rent and food?

This was not the first time you have been with Sri Chinmoy’s disciples, why didn’t you notice or discuss these things?
I was once a student of Sri Chinmoy just like those you spoke to yesterday.

The Guru promised us all “a ticket to heaven” and all we had to do was to become his devoted unconditional slaves and willingly sacrifice our current lives for the promise of a heavenly future.

Most of us gave up college and our careers for him.

We stopped seeing our parents’ relatives and former friends.

We became celibate monks and gave up any dream of having a family.

And most unforgivably, while most of us tried following his doctrine of celibacy, Sri Chinmoy was seducing his female students. There are at least three brave women who have come forward with testimonials.

You mentioned that Sri Chinmoy was “humble.”

He was a man that literally stalked celebrities, and politicians for photo ops. He even lifted sheep and airplanes on a mechanical contraption (the contraption did all the work) to get his name in the paper.

He sent out his disciples to the far corners of the world, not to feed the poor or spread spirituality, but to get parks, bridges and streets named after him for the aggrandizement of his own ego.

He even became friendly with the Military Junta in Myanmar and gave the Junta money in the name of his “Peace Meditation Group” at the United Nations.

You speak of the visionary and the vision.

However, now that this exploiter is gone, I cannot envision anyone who will look after those that have been exploited.

After ten, twenty, thirty years of living in a cult, who will look after these “weird” people in whites and saris?

They have no job skills, and most were too poor to ever see a doctor or dentist.

They have no money and have, at Sri Chinmoy’s request strained, and in most cases broken off relationships with their families.

You said while looking into the eyes of these real people “¦.You cannot kill a thought. They do not come with expiration dates. They are eternal. And good lives on. If Guru was anything, he was good. If he reached anywhere and had any influence, it was into the better part of each and every human being whose life he touched.”

Is Gary Ackerman good?

Will Gary Ackerman reach out and have any influence, to better the lives of these human beings?

Will Gary Ackerman touch their lives, and help these unfortunate cult victims?”

Will you ever again look into their eyes and help them recover from the abuse they experienced in the Sri Chinmoy cult?

Most of them still cling on to the dream that Sri Chinmoy will make them immortal.

Many of them still see Sri Chinmoy as God himself.

But Congressman Ackerman, you must be wise enough to know that this is not the case.

The bubble will burst.

It may happen tomorrow or in a year or two. And these people are your constituents. They will soon be unemployed, without health care, without social security or Medicare.

Will you still talk to them about visionary dreams or will you be there to help them to survive in the real world?

160px-gary_ackerman_official_109th_congress_photo.jpgHow to contact Congressman Ackerman:

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Postscript: CultNews received the following statement from another former follower of Sri Chinmoy.

“I joined Sri Chinmoy when I was only 19-years-old and a runaway. During that time, ‘disciples’ were brought in by a husband and wife team. The wife taught yoga (this was in about 1970) and the husband was supposedly a psychologist.

The yoga was helpful, but the psychotherapy degenerated into sexual abuse, which I was too naive to understand. This was being done to me in the guise of ‘helping’ me with my insecurities, etc.

I was introduced to ‘Guru’ in an elaborate ceremony, given a spiritual ‘name’ and attended additional group gatherings, including some with then-famous and very gifted musicians, not Mr. Santana but at least two others who were world-renowned and drawn into Chinmoy’s web for shorter or longer periods.

During my discipleship I was discouraged from contact with my family, worked a ‘day job,’ meditated many hours a day (upon arising, during lunch, after work, at night before bed) plus group meditations and continuing yoga classes.

Other ‘assignments’ included participation in athletic ‘events,’ work in other “disciples” restaurants, etc.

I was instructed to turn over a large percentage of my money for the therapy, yoga lessons and ‘love offerings.’

Chinmoy and his paramour lived in a house in Queens at that time, and I was baffled, upon being called there for some event or other, to notice there were barred gates to the upper floors, where money was kept. This did not gibe with the hippie culture I had been living in, of openness and generosity, nor with the tradition of poverty in my own original Christian faith. This was the first tip-off that something was not right.

Later it became clear that Chinmoy was putting people together in arranged marriages, and doing things like instructing one disciple to quit college, work in a shoe store and turn his money over to the Guru.

I became engaged to a fellow disciple without the Guru’s interference or approval. Chinmoy and his paramour went to great lengths to interfere, finally managing to convince my fiancé to dump me because “our souls were from different soul groups.”

My fiancé was a college student and I am fairly sure he was also persuaded to leave school and work for one of Chinmoy’s businesses. I subsequently returned to college and never heard from him again.

I am not sure why all of the endorsements, from U Thant, Mother Theresa and the like, have been showered on Chinmoy, if in fact they actually were.

The whole deal felt like smoke and mirrors to me.

It was an incredibly vulnerable time in my life.

I wanted to generally improve society. But I realized I had to rejoin ‘real life’ and reaffirmed my commitment to be a part of society again, working to end war and trying to complete my studies.

My experience with Chinmoy was not only disappointing, and a waste of time, but very destructive to my life.

I am very amazed at how strong a reaction I am having to the news of his passing and didn’t realize how damaged I was by him until reading the news tonight.

In my opinion Chinmoy’s vanity and greed led him very far from the path to true communion with God.

I learned a hard lesson through my involvement with him, hurt my family, and did damage to my own development.”


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