By Gina Catena

k-press-sml.jpgKalindi La Gourasana (her name should be sung), a.k.a. Carol Seidman (photo left) deemed Voice of God for the Miracle of Love cult allegedly passed away on April 18th, 2010 from disseminated intravascular coagulation as complication from renal failure.  She was in her early fifties.

As reported in Kalindi’s online obituary in the Denver Post, “Kalindi was the founder of Miracle of Love Church, creator of the Miracle of Love Seminar, and spiritual leader of the Path to Ultimate Freedom. She came into this life to help thousands of people reestablish their loving relationship with God, and for those who desire it, to break the cycle of birth and death and return Home to God.”

Kalindi’s only daughter, Maha, invited her mother’s followers to participate in a 12-day period of “dedication of celebration of our beloved master Kalindi G.”

Kalindi La Gourasana, previously known by her given name of Carol Seidman, was the widow of the Lord Gourasana whose given name was David Swanson. Swanson as Lord Gouarsana claimed to be an incarnation of God.  Kalindi assumed leadership of the Miracle of Love in 1995 upon the passing of Swanson/ Lord Gourasana.  After her husband’s death, Kalindi claimed to be God’s voice on Earth, speaking for MOL’s Lord Gourasana.

The greatest legacy of Kalindi & Gourasana, is their establishment of the “Miracle of Love Church” (MOL). This cult group has undergone many name changes, and relocations of their central headquarters. Current names include “Miracle of Love Seminar,”  “Twenty First Century Transformation Center,” and “The Seminar.”  Locations are throughout the world.  The largest centers currently seem to be in Colorado, North Carolina and Munich.

An entry level MOL member begins by attending their workshop called “The Seminar” (formerly “The Intensive”) The Seminar is a classic Large Group Awareness Training program using known methods to psychologically break down participants through long hours, emotional public confessionals, strict diet control and strict social control.  This combination over several days or longer changes brain chemistry to render participants more impressionable. A neurochemical high results at the end of this Intensive, similar to a “runner’s high.”  Participants are led to believe that this high is the experience of God and unconditional love, granted them by Kalindi.

Graduates of the Seminar often report they feel reborn, replenished, high, transformed, and newly dedicated to breaking attachments in order to focus upon pursuit of God and “Breaking free” from deemed pain of Earth life.

“Breaking free” in pursuit of God, according to MOL teachings, requires following MOL’s strict lifestyle mandates, including donating ample time and money to their mission.

Insider sources have told stories of Kalindi’s abuse to her inner core of followers, including dictating marriages, divorces and child conceptions. Her extravagant personal habits allegedly included spending over $100,000 annually on her wardrobe by some reports, and an increasing dependency upon chemical substances.

In the early days of MOL, Kalindi often played the dominatrix goddess, ostensibly to break her followers free of preconceived ideas of love and attachment.  Using the lure of freely expressed love without attachments, valued MOL recruits and donors were often rewarded with unconditionally loving partners in gratitude for their devotion to Kalindi’s deemed path to God and ultimate freedom.

Reputedly, MOL’s new figurehead leaders will include Kalindi’s grown daughter, Maha, Racole Tackett and The Lady, amongst others.

Racole Tackett is a therapist and expounded as a spiritual master in MOL.  She is known for using such phrases as “What is about you that makes you feel that way?” to break her clients down, doubt their emotions, and turn increasingly toward MOL directives.

The Lady, another MOL “Master”, plays their example of unconditional love and acceptance, doting upon those who perhaps miss having an idealized mother figure.

Maha Swanson is the beautiful youthful voice, and heir apparent as the only daughter of MOL’s Voice of God.

The Miracle of Love is offering extensive support to their global membership, using their leader’s death to further accentuate group bonding.  MOL’s memorial activities are centralized at their Denver and Munich centers.  Other MOL centers globally are undoubtedly lending their support through this challenging time.

Time will tell how the Miracle of Love transforms itself, its message and marketing for new recruits in the absence of Kalindi’s orchestrations.

With Kalindi’s passing, many MOL members may be mourning the loss of their living godhead.

Others may begin to doubt their spiritual directives, since their Lord Gourasana had promised that Kalindi would have a long life.

Those who choose to leave the MOL now may find themselves in a moment of crises and self-doubt.
A yahoo support group specifically designed for former MOL members and loved ones of MOL members can be accessed by clicking here.

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May the MOL members who awaken from their manipulations find appropriate recovery resources and inner freedom. May they learn to stand without a charismatic cult leader directing their thoughts, relationships and behaviors.  The loss of directives from Kalindi La Gourasana and her surviving minions will catalyze their greatest rebirth.

For more Kalindi information:

Podcast of Kalindi can be viewed here

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Note: I am personally indebted to Ms. Carol Seidman in the guise of Kalindi La Gourasana.  My last relationship painfully ended a number of years ago, partially due to the intense devotion of my former partner to Miracle of Love’s teachings and methods.  Thanks to Ms. Seidman’s brilliant orchestrations, I was not only spared what would have been a difficult partnership, but I was fully awakened to the mess of my own cult upbringing in the Transcendental Meditation Movement, led by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  Thanks to Ms. Seidman, I belatedly obtained appropriate cult recovery therapy and resources. For that, she has my eternal gratitude. May she rest in peace.

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