Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha claims, “The purpose of life is to serve. I have committed my life to this purpose. Service is my life mission” (Zhi Gang Sha, Soul Mind Body Science System, Preface xiii, 2014).

But Sha’s critics say he “uses brainwashing” and bilks people out of money through his books and other paid services, “expensive karma cleansing” and through pricey retreats they call “brainwashing camps.”

What is the truth about Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha?

Medical Doctor

At his website Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha claims that he is “an M.D. in conventional modern medicine…” However, nowhere on the website is there any mention of what school he specifically attended, where he graduated and from which he received a medical degree.

This in sharp contrast to three well-known medical doctors that combine conventional modern medicine with alternative healing methods.

Dr. Andrew Weil, an advocate of holistic medicine, received his A.B. degree in biology from Harvard, an M.D. from Harvard Medical School and did his medical internship at Mt. Zion Hospital in San Francisco, later working for the National Institute of Mental Health.

Often controversial, but popular Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Oz, TV host and health guru, is a board certified Thoracic Cardiovascular surgeon.

Dr. Deepak Chopra, who was once closely associated with a purported “cult leader” Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, is a cardiologist with an interest in alternative medicine that graduated from All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi and moved on to become chief of medicine at New England Memorial Hospital (now called the Boston Regional Medical Center).

All three of these doctors have medical degrees that can be easily be verified, but not “Dr. Sha.”

The Source

Sha bookIn his book “Soul Mind Body Science System” Master Sha explains his beliefs, theories and practices in great detail. He claims that he can “create “The Source Field,” which he says is capable of healing people. Sha claims (see Preface xviii), “I am the servant, vehicle, and channel of The Source. The Source has given me the honor and authority to connect with The Source in order to create The Source Field.”

Master Sha further claims (see Preface xxiii) that he has been “chosen” to offer “Divine and Tao Soul Downloads.” Sha says (see Preface xxii), “A preprogrammed Tao Soul Download is permanently stored within this book.”

Such exclusive seemingly self-aggrandizing claims are often associated with people called “cult leaders.”

For example, cult leader David Koresh claimed that an angel from heaven explained to him the meaning of the Seven Seals in the Book of Revelation. And that he alone knew how to open the seals, which would usher in the Day of Judgment. Koresh died with many of his followers in a fire, at the conclusion of a 51-day standoff with federal law enforcement. In the end there was no day of judgment for anyone other than Koresh, who was later proven to be guilty of sexually abusing children.

The single most salient feature of many destructive cults is their authoritarian and personality-driven nature. That is, usually a single individual dictates over a group of followers and makes special claims about his or her authority. Whatever the leader says is right is right and what whatever the leader says is wrong is wrong. The leader becomes the master, while followers in large part are urged to essentially abdicate their ability to make independent value judgements of their own.

Heavenly team

Master Sha has released many books and he states (see page 67), “All eleven of [his] books share profound soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques to transform all life.” But Master Sha doesn’t simply write a book like other authors, he flows a book. Sha explains, “When I flow a book, a Heaven’s Team is also above me to guide and assist me.” His team supposedly includes (see page 68), “Gautama Buddha,” “Maitreya (the buddha of the future’),” “Yuan Shi Tian Zun (one of the three top saints in the traditional Taoist pantheon),” “Jesus,” “Mother Mary,” “St. Germaine,” “Albert Einstein,” “Sir Isaac Newton” and “Eight other renowned scientists in history are also above [his] head.”

How can anyone that believes in Master Sha question his authority? Questioning Sha, according to him, would be tantamount to questioning Buddha, Jesus or Albert Einstein, not to mention the other unnamed scientists who guide him.

Similarly, purported “cult” leader Rev. Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Church, also invoked heavenly authority. According to Moon no less than 36 late presidents — “from the vantage point of heaven” endorsed him as “the Messiah.” However, Moon was convicted of tax fraud, served prison time and was apparently a sinful messiah.

Sha claims that every sentence in his book is divinely handed down. He states (see page 69), “We [Sha and his followers] can hear Heaven’s writing team, as well as guidance from the saints, the Divine and Tao. After flowing one sentence, the next sentence is ready for us. Sentence after sentence flows out. When one paragraph is done, we can then hear the next paragraph clearly. Then, that next paragraph flows out.”

Beware critics, before you review a book by Master Sha, consider the karmic consequences, and don’t anger “Heaven’s writing team.”

Sha also has received from The Source “profound inspiration” to create special “I Ching practices for healing, rejuvenation, longevity, and immortality.” According to Sha (see page 100) making yet another exclusive claim, “This is the first time in history that I Ching power has been brought for these applications.” Sha says (see pages 108, 112) that he is engaged in a dialog with “the Divine.” He asks and the Divine answers him “immediately,” seemingly no matter how cosmically complicated the question might be. And not unlike the leaders of groups called “cults” Sha claims that his teachings are the best. He concludes (see page 116), “I cannot emphasize enough my deepest insight in my spiritual awareness, which is the highest sacred wisdom, knowledge, philosophy, principle, and practice in the Wu World and You World.”

Secret to immortality

Sha also claims to “know one sentence secrets.” He says (see page 75), “How do I know one-sentence secrets? Remember, there is a Heaven’s Team above my head. I also have a Jin Dan download…They then borrow my mouth and flow out a new one-sentence secret.” Sha thus serves as the mouthpiece for Heaven.

How important are Sha’s secrets? He claims (see page 126) to have a “one-sentence secret for the cause of all sickness and the solution for healing all sicknesses…”

What is the essence of his big secret?

Sha summarizes (see page 156), “If you are searching for rejuvenation, longevity, and, most especially, immortality, you have to remove desires for fame, money, power, control and much more, because these desires will dramatically affect your rejuvenation and longevity journey.”

Again, this is not unlike a purported “cult” leader named Charles Brown, founder of the Eternal Flame, later known as “People Forever” and “People Unlimited.” Brown claimed that he had discovered the secret for eternal life and could literally stop aging through something he called “cellular awakening.” Like Sha, Brown said he had received revelation and that only through him and his process could others receive the gift of immortality. However, Brown aged and died, despite his fantastic claims.


Sha says the key to immortality is to give up striving for status and wealth. He states (see page 156), “If you are searching for rejuvenation, longevity, and, most especially, immortality, you have to remove desires for fame, money, power, control and much more, because these desires will dramatically affect your rejuvenation and longevity journey. There is no way you can reach immortality if you hold these kinds of desires, dreams, and attachments.”

No way?

Then why does Master Sha have a “business team” (see page 259) and appear to be so concerned about money?

Benbella Books Inc. of Dallas, Texas is the publisher of Sha’s latest book.  Benbella promotes Sha as the author of a “USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller.”

But is Sha really a legitimate best-selling author or does he manipulate his followers to artificially inflate his book sales?

It has been alleged that Zhi Gang Sha stages “book campaigns” to conflate his book sales by obtaining individual commitments from his followers to make large purchases, for example one follower might make a commitment to spend $1,500 to $2,000 on books during a specified period of time either through an online bookseller or through some other retail outlet.

The Cult Education Institute maintains an online public message board, which is a source of complaints about the business practices and behavior of Master Sha.

One critic explains, “A book release is timed usually to coincide with one of his retreats. At the retreat, besides charging exorbitant fees for useless downloads, in exchange for some of the highest priced downloads he gets his followers to buy large numbers of the book to primarily give away to others. In this way, Sha manipulates the best seller list to try to convince book buyers that he’s on the level. It’s dishonest, to say the least – he is lying to his followers as well as the public” (Cult Education Institute public message board January 28, 2013).

Apparently Sha is quite adroit at organizing such book campaigns amongst his followers. “Master Sha is a best seller because he is the best at getting his followers to spend money they don’t have on books that no one wants, so he can have the stature of a best-selling author,” says one critic (Cult Education Institute public message board Jun 8, 2008). Another critic adds, “All those who have talked about the book campaigns and reviews are telling the truth” (Cult Education Institute public message board Mar 6, 2009).

The net effect of Sha’s financial demands can be devastating. One critic concludes, “The book campaigns are 100% true, the expensive karma clearings, the downloads, the endless marketing. I could go on and on. I didn’t leave the cult until I was bankrupt, lost my business and home and was cut off from my family. I lost everything” (Cult Education Institute public message board Jul 31, 2011).

One critic further explains some of Sha’s money schemes, “All of the downloads were very expensive, and after a while it was clear that what cost $1,000 yesterday was now available for $100 today, because, after all, the Divine was now downloading a newer and higher version of it. There were a number of people I knew personally who hid from their spouses the thousands of dollars they spent on downloads” (Cult Education Institute public message board January 28, 2009).

“I went to a seminar with Master Sha in Europe. And I was totally shocked. He is so greedy and manipulative. Scares the s… out of people by telling them that they will die if they don´t clear karma with him! I spent almost 3,000 Euros on Karma Cleansing that weekend and other Downloads and when I think of that now I also feel a little bit embarrassed,” says one European critic (Cult Education Institute public message board October 23, 2012).

There is also special divine calligraphy made available through Sha for a price to his followers. One follower explains (see page 240), “This calligraphy will be everywhere. It is accelerating Mother Earth’s transition. People have to get this fast. Everything is speeding up. This is the plan. There is no other answer.” Another says (see page. 243), “I also felt that the calligraphies created by Master Sha are all holy doctrines, created one by one on by one, and they have a bigger message.”

Chanting and visualization

But what is it exactly that Sha does to help people?

Can he actually heal anyone?

One critic states, “During the time that I was part of the cult, I did not see any healing that could be documented and I did not heal from the aliments that I suffered from. Master Sha would tell us of his healings, some of his students would attest to the healings, but there was never any documented evidence” (Cult Education Institute public message board January 28, 2009).

Sha claims (see Preface xxv), “Where you put your mind, using creative visualization, is where you receive benefits for healing, rejuvenation, and transformation of relationships and finances.” He calls this “Mind Power,” which is dependent upon “Sound Power,” summarized as “what you chant is what you become.”

Master Sha repeats this over and over and over again throughout his book. “What you chant is what you become” and “Practice, Practice, Practices” to “Transform, Transform, Transform.”

This transformation is apparently accomplished through endless hours of chanting and meditation. Sha prescribes such chants (see p. 22-25) that must be repeated aloud and/or recited silently.

Practitioners are also told to visualize a “golden light ball.” The origin of the golden light ball is interesting. Sha explains (see page 67), “I received a Jin Dan, a golden light ball [original emphasis] from The Source.”

This technique of visualization has been called “guided imagery” by experts and can be seen as psychological manipulation to assist in trance induction for the purpose of making someone more suggestible. Psychologist Margaret Singer wrote, “A considerable number of different guided-imagery techniques are used by cult leaders and trainers to remove followers from their normal frames of reference.” And that this can be seen as “trance” or “hypnosis” and “When this method is used in a cultic environment, it becomes a form of psychological manipulation and coercion because the cult leader implants suggestions aimed at his own agenda while the person is in a vulnerable state.”

Sha explains how his visualization and chanting techniques become a cure-all for virtually anything. If there is a specific ailment, for example a bad back, Sha’s devotees are instructed (see page 28) to “chant repeatedly: Soul Order heal my back” for certain time periods. This chanting can last for hours or more. Sha repeatedly throughout his book incessantly instructs his followers to chant (see pages 79, 120, 121, 123, 127-129, 133,-137,  144-151,  160-164, 174-184, 188, 190, 202-208, 214-229, 246-247, 251, 253-254) daily.

Sha says (see page 79), “I emphasize again: practice, practice, practice. We cannot practice enough.” Chanting appears to be Sha’s solution for virtually everything. Sha states (page 169) concerning one of his many formulas, “We cannot chant this mantra enough.” And then advises to “chant nonstop” and that “the more you chant the Grand Scientific Formula, the more benefits you can receive.”

Chanting is the solution according to Sha. One example (see page 201), “To chant this Divine Soul Song is to self-clear negative karma.” Sha says (see page 209), “You cannot chant it enough.”

Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman describe in their book Snapping: America’s Epidemic of Sudden Personality Change:

“Almost every major cult and cult-like group we came upon teaches some form of not thinking or ‘mind control’ as part of its regular program of activity. The process may take the form of repetitive prayer, chanting, speaking in tongues, self-hypnosis or diverse methods of meditation. Such techniques, when practiced in moderation, may yield real physical and mental health benefits¦. Prolonged stilling of the mind, however, may wear on the brain physically until it readjusts, suddenly and sharply, to its new condition of not thinking. When that happens, we have found, the brain’s information-processing capacities may be disrupted or enter a state of complete suspension, disorientation, detachment, hallucinations, delusions and, in extreme instances, total withdrawal.”

Psychologist Margaret Singer who counseled many former cult members warned about the negative consequences of excessive meditation. Singer said this might include a range of impairments, some of which remain after many years out of the cultic group such as anxiety attacks, memory difficulties, long term emotional flatness and visual hallucinations. Singer explained, “Meditation, in itself, is not good or bad. But when a venal person wants to sell you courses and persuade you to turn over your life to him, you must beware.”

A seminal and excellent documentary, Directed by Pierre Lasry, Montreal: National Film Board of Canada, 1983  “Captive Minds: Hypnosis and Beyond,” can now be seen online. The film examines the vulnerability, malleable nature and suggestibility of the human mind. The documentary looks at various examples of trance induction through religious rituals, chanting, meditation, training and hypnosis, as seen within an array of situations, venues and groups.

Mind control

There seems to be a pattern of manipulation within Sha’s teachings that can be seen as form of mind control to gain undue influence. For example, there are thoughts, which are labeled “wrong thoughts” Sha suggests (See pages 80-82), “That unpleasant though is not from your mind. It is another soul that affected you.” And he offers a “formula,” which consists of chanting and visualization, to purge wrong thoughts from the mind.

Sha elaborates (see page 209) on the net results of the incessant chanting he insists upon. “Many people want to chant. Many people want to meditate. Many people cannot do it for a long period of time. Some people chant for a few minutes and stop. Some people could lose hope and think chanting and meditation are not for them. Some people want to empty their minds. They may have difficulty emptying their minds in meditation. They could become frustrated.”

Sha seems to be urging his devotees to exceed the limits of what Conway, Siegelman and Singer might consider reasonable, to reach his stated goal, which is apparently the “emptying [of] their minds.”

What is the effect of all this emptying?

How does it ultimately affect the thinking of Master Sha’s devoted followers?

One says (see page 189), “As we were chanting it seemed as if all of our bodies were doing a cultivation process. As we were pulling the light and energy from the planets, stars, galaxies, and universe…My body turned into golden light.” And all this light is attributed directly to Master Sha. Another devotee tells Sha (see page 189), “When you started to chant with us, it was amazing. When you opened your mouth, the words became golden, went out into the universe, and came back to us. We received blessings beyond words.”

This would seem to parallel and reflect the net result of excessive chanting and meditation, which is the delusions and hallucinations described by Conway, Siegelman and Singer.

There is also evidently an element of emotional control as well in Master Sha’s teachings. He says (see page 36), “The heart is more crucial than the mind in determining the degree of consciousness one has…Reality depends on one’s soul, heart, mind and body.”

Here Sha seems to be referring to the “heart” as the figurative center of emotion and feeling. In their book Holy Terror Conway and Siegelman explain how ritualized instructions tied to specific beliefs, writings and images can be manipulated to suppress a person’s bedrock emotional responses and everyday feelings in a systematic effort to promote obedience and compliance.

One of Sha’s critics says, “Dr Sha uses brainwashing methods to keep those attending retreats constantly busy from early morning to late at night with little or no time to eat and little time to sleep. There is no real time for them to contact family members or the outside world,” says one critic (Cult Education Institute public message board November 07, 2008). Another critic elaborates, “His retreats are run like a brainwashing camp. The participants get up early, run all day with little food, time to do anything, but attend meetings and go till late at night…People who attend these Soul Enlightenment Retreats come home totally brainwashed in the dialogue of the cult, Sha’s divine nature and stories of amazing healings” (Cult Education Institute public message board November 05, 2009).

Sleep deprivation and control over the environment and communication are the hallmarks of cultic manipulation and thought reform. Robert Jay Lifton, who wrote the book Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism, describes this as “milieu control.”  Lifton wrote, “The most basic feature of the thought reform environment, the psychological current upon which all else depends, is the control of human communication. Through this milieu control the totalist environment seeks to establish domain over not only the individual’s communication with the outside (all that he sees and hears, reads or writes, experiences, and expresses), but also – in its penetration of his inner life – over what we may speak of as his communication with himself. It creates an atmosphere uncomfortably reminiscent of George Orwell’s 1984.”

Charismatic leader


Zhi Gang Sha

Lifton also wrote about the three most basic principle characteristics of a destructive cult in his paper “Cult Formation,” published at Harvard University. He explains that perhaps the most pivotal feature of a cult is “a charismatic leader who increasingly becomes an object of worship…”

The central importance and significance of Master Sha is emphasized in his book and echoed within it by follower after follower. One participant at a retreat states (see page 191), “The first thing I saw was that Master Sha was creating a Jin Dan for the readers of this book. He started by calling the light of Mother Earth. Then Master Sha called Heaven’s light. I saw Heaven opening. I saw the golden light from Heaven coming…Next, Master Sha called the Tao light. Tao light came and enveloped the [Jing Qi Shen] of Mother Earth’s golden light and Heaven’s golden light.”

Sha apprarently is not only heaven’s mouth, he is also the chosen vessel and vehicle of The Source. He seems to be the impetus for everything.

Has Master Sha created a personality-driven “cult”?

One devoted follower seems (see page 231) to have found the ultimate chant, which is simply chanting the name “Master Sha,” which is recommended by Sha. The devotee says, “I said I needed a tool to break through. Master Sha said, ‘Chant Master Sha.’ The mortar started to crumble away. The more I chanted, the more it started to recede above me…Master Sha and the golden light all around…what Master Sha has created today…”

The key ingredient always seems to be Master Sha as the essential element required for everything.

Another follower exclaims (see page 231), “Thank you Master Sha for this priceless treasure…” Another states (see page 234), “We are in a time warp with Master Sha. There is no time, no space–just this incredible place.”

Master Sha is rather specific about his singular status and special importance. Sha states (see page 65), “In July 2003 I (Master Sha) was chosen as a divine servant, vehicle, and channel. I was given the divine honor and authority to offer Karma Cleansing. I have created more than thirty Divine Channels who offer Divine Karma Cleansing services. Together, my Divine Channels and I have created nearly six thousand Divine Healing Hands Soul Healers around the world.”

Sha appears to be the sole means of validation. Only through him the “divine servant, vehicle and channel” can his followers become “Divine Channels.”

One critic states, “His meetings are like a tent revival with people claiming miraculous [healing]. Members swoon and clap.” “Supposedly he sends blessings through the air. Cult members have jars of water that are energized with healing power for physical or psychological benefit,” says the same critic. But, “There is no [meaningful] follow up to see if the healing [is] genuine” (Cult Education Institute public message board November 07, 2008).

People are healed because they subjectively feel they are through their group experience and because Sha says so, speaking as a divine authority.

“If you have an ailment, Dr. Sha may ‘download’ a new organ for you by grasping the top of your head with his hand and putting on quite a show as he grunts and shakes, although he also does this remotely to [thousands] at a time, without having to touch anyone at all. Some days he may download a whole system like ‘Divine Digestive System,’ other days it may be just an organ like ‘Divine Liver,'” says another critic (Cult Education Institute public message board February 21, 2009).

“He’s here for one thing: to make money from others suffering. He’s very skilled at mind control and has a number of people, his followers, under the delusion that he’s a being more powerful than God,” summarizes a critic (Cult Education Institute public message board January 27, 2013). While another critic warns, “It just seems to me that they are frauds not only morally but also under civil law – Practicing Medicine Without a License – you cannot claim medical cures” (Cult Education Institute public message board March 05, 2009).

But sadly it seems Sha’s influence can potentially produce negative changes in his followers.

One critic observed, “What I personally experienced was the transformation of good people into competitive, lying, and hurtful fanatical members who would do anything to be special and gain Sha’s favor…even if that meant lying or slandering another student to block or harm their soul journey. The issues regarding money are well documented in previous postings. I saw many spend their life savings and deny their families so that they could progress on their soul journey with expensive downloads, webcasts, and retreats,” says one critic (Cult Education Institute public message board July 31, 2011). The same critic concludes, “There is a fanatical air that seems to be promoted with great zeal.”

Who and what is “Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha?

Is Zhi Gang Sha a real medical doctor with an M.D. from an accredited and well recognized institution, or merely a poser and charlatan?

Is he a “faith healer” following in the footsteps of controversial Pentecostal preacher Benny Hinn? Or is Sha a sinister “cult leader” manipulating people through “brainwashing” so he can financially bilk them?

Is Zhi Gang Sha a legitimate “best-selling” author or a master of manipulation?


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About the Author: Rick Alan Ross is the author of the book Cults Inside Out: How People Get In and Can Get Out and executive director of the Cult Education Institute of New Jersey. Ross has been qualified as an expert and testified in numerous court proceedings across the United States, including United States Federal Court.

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  1. Genesis Rhapsodos @ 2015-05-22 04:15

    I’m just curious. In your disclaimer you say:

    “But not all groups called either “cults” or “cult-like” are harmful. Instead, they may be benign and generally defined as simply people intensely devoted to a person, place or thing.”

    Would your consider Zhi Gang Sha and his group to be harmful or more benign or would it be somewhere in the grey?

  2. In my opinion Zhi Gang Sha appears to function in the role of what can bee seen as a cult leader. Sha and his group in my opinion fit the core criteria that defines a destructive cult. I would certainly not recommend Sha or his books to anyone for anything under any circumstances.

  3. I have a few videos which shed a different light on Master Sha.

  4. TruthSeeker @ 2015-05-27 02:08

    I was a student of Dr. Sha forany years. All I can say is that I left because of what has been shared above. Most students have no idea about goes on behind closed doors– if they did they would leave too. The virtual community and regular retreat attendees only see what Sha and his minions want you to see. It is definitely a personality cult and Sha is “God”. They chant his name, build altars to him and his ” Heaven’s Team”. It is not about self healing and empowerment (as they would like you to believe), but about giving away your power, dependency/addiction, and fear mongering. I would recommend anyone to stay clear! It is about money, spiritual parasitism, and dangerous mind control. I feel very lucky to have gotten out.

  5. Genesis Rhapsodos @ 2015-06-06 01:49

    I’m just DaAdmin, are you one of the admins of this site or is that just a username? I don’t mean to be rude, just curious.

    Also, what is your take on Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and Maya Angelou praising Zhi Gang Sha? What is your take on Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and Maya Angelou?

  6. TruthSeeker @ 2015-06-23 04:33

    I am not an admin. I am a real person who knows this msn and his organization very well. IThe reviews of Dr.Sha by these people are old…not current. They have nothing to do with him. I was a student and saw people of note become enamored with Sha, then leave as swiftly as they came once they figured out his game. The practices work, but they are not his. Most of what he teaches comes from Dr. Zhi Chen Guo and Dr. Liu. Sha does ” downloads” to supposedly accelerate ones spiritual progress for a hefty price and people spend thousands of dollars for this “honor”. I did not see significant change or progress from these, nor did I see any change in others other than becoming overly dependent on the teacher and system. Many students have left as well as those who once praised him…the man is not who he is promoted to be…beware false advertising and claims of miracles…they really are few and far between. His long standing devotees are some of the unhealiest people and fight for his favor like children…

  7. This article is very close to the truth, i have been to a so called Dr Sha Seminar. All the techniques were there , sleep deprivation, food deprivation, long hours, continuous repeating of things, all the classic mind control methods.

    This organization is charging up $3000 or even higher for “Karma Cleansing” and other bogus services. I am convinced it is all about extracting as much money as possible from followers. This extraction usually happens at these seminars when people have been weakened by the techniques, doing things they wouldn’t do in a normal state of mind I feel sorry for the people who have been driven into financial ruin by this man an his organization. If you are involved with this group get out, if you know someone help them to get out. The Dr Sha organization is unethical and driven by financial gain ,which he preaches against. The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

  8. A family member of mine worships this fraud Master Sha and has now become a delusional follower. He has lost everything. He left his family, sold his home and now follows this maniac around the world handing over all his money. He has spent thousands and thousands of dollars on “new souls” and “karma cleanses” not to mention other new body parts you can buy online that you can activate by chanting. Just looking at Master Sha’s website beggars belief and I can’t understand how advocating chanting to cure things like cancer or other serious, life threatening illnesses can be anything other than illegal. These followers are completely brainwashed by this man and he preys on their vulnerabilities. It is definitely a cult and Master Sha is nothing other than a cult leader. It all makes me so angry.

  9. I had a private session with Master Sha. He said he would do Karma cleansing for me and my ancestors. He said it would cost 22,500. I told him I didn’t have the money. We agreed to charge $6000.00 on credit cards, ( which I plan on paying off). He said he wanted me to make an “honor fee” to the center for $500 a month for 3 years.
    It all happened so fast. I read on another site to stop payments & leave.
    Does anyone have any advise on this? It is stressful enough to pay off the $6000.00 – That is living way beyond my means.
    Does anyone know if they will harass me for honor fees of 17,5000?
    I am willing to pay the $6000.00 I charged, but being that much in debt is out of the question.
    Someone said they can not legally charge me for something I can’t see in my hands. I don’t know the best way to handle this. I got an uneasy feeling afterwards, & don’t like how they extract money when you are in a vulnerable state. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice or my legal rights. I would just like to pay the $6000.00 on my credit cards, and just go away. Thanks so much

  10. If you want a refund this would be a matter to discuss with an attorney in your local area and your credit card company.

  11. Greatest Love @ 2015-09-07 14:38

    Dear everyone,
    I understand your questions and concerns. I have been studying with Dr. and Master Sha for the last seven years. At the beginning I also have the questions similar to what you had, such as who he is and what he does, as we all live with our own mirrors. After seven years studying, progressing on my own development, and seeing what is happening behind the scenes while I had chance to work with him and the business team, what I can say is that Dr. and Master Sha is a true master. He holds the greatest love to all humanity including the ones may not understand and agree with him at this moment. His commitment to serve humanity is unshakeable.

    We all know the story of Jesus. Look what we did to Jesus given his love and commitment to serve us all. What if we are doing the same thing to someone like Jesus now? Time is the best judge. One day when our humanity recognize who Master Sha truly is and what he really committed to bring to all humanity, I hope it is not too late.
    Love you all. Be well.

  12. Maria T Scry @ 2015-09-28 19:07

    I went to see Dr. Sha while he was in NY. I made an appointment for a “soul cleansing” and HEALING. I was told the session will cost USD$ 1,000.00
    After much thought… and because I truly wanted to be healed, I decided to keep my appointment and pay the 1,000.
    Unfortunately, just before the appointment, I was told that Master Sha offered me (without even seeing me) a total cleansing, total healing special session of 20 minutes for USD $5,000. SADLY I ACCEPTED… BECAUSE I WAS A TRUE BELIEVER…
    Once upstairs in the office where he was,,, all he did was chant for about 10 minutes… then he told his assistant … MY ANCESTORS WERE GUILTY OF… guilty of …. and this was the reason I was sick. He then commanded that I CHANT EVERY DAY FOR TWO HOURS UNTIL I RECEIVED HEALING !!!!.

  13. Jesus did not go around defrauding sick people in need and taking as much as he can get out of each victim. This is purely a “mega-million money making scam”. Those that “work” with him and are close to him, in any way, are just as guilty as he is.

  14. Misty Coral @ 2015-10-08 08:13

    This article states: Nowhere on the website is there any mention of what school he specifically attended, where he graduated and from which he received a medical degree.

    However this information is readily available.
    Master Sha studied at Xi’an Jiaotong University, and completed his medical degree in Western medicine in 1983.
    He was also certified as an acupuncturist and herbalist in 1986 by the World Health Organization’s Institute of International Acupuncture and Moxibustion in Beijing, where he taught acupuncture, tai chi and qigong to foreign physicians.
    He is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and a registered acupuncturist in Canada. Master Sha also completed a Master’s degree in Hospital Administration at the University of the Philippines in 1988.

    Current status of University where Master Sha received his medical training:
    Xi’an Jiaotong University is a Chinese C9 League university with strengths in engineering, technology, and public health located in Xi’an, Shaanxi, China. XJTU’s twenty schools comprise a comprehensive research university offering programs in nine areas: science, engineering, medicine, economics, management, art, law, philosophy and education. XJTU houses four national key laboratories, four national special laboratories, and two national engineering research centers.[1] XJTU’s eight affiliated teaching hospitals include two ranked in China’s top 100.[2]

  15. Mordechai Balint @ 2015-10-20 17:25

    My mother and stepfather have been badly taken in by Sha and have risen up in his local ranks after spending tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars with him. He has played heavily on their insecurities and has them completely under his control. We were completely alienated from them for a while because they wouldn’t see us or our kids without trying to induct us into the cult. I am really hoping that the Canada Revenue Agency and the IRS are able to take him down.

    What is interesting is that for someone who supposedly doesn’t care about wealth, he owns some very expensive real estate.

  16. When someone is a public figure, there will always be supporters and those who are critical. My experience of Dr. Sha has been exceptionally positive. He motives and intentions are true and good. He has helped countless numbers of people. His students have helped countless numbers of people. And, while some results cannot be seen immediately, they are there.

    My intention is not to change your mind about Dr. Sha. People are free to believe what they want. I simply wanted to share my views.

  17. Hi, I have been to one of his retreat and all is true what has been described avobe. My partner found this page before I went to his retreat as he did not wanted to put me down. when I was in a desperate condition, looking for help. I watched his one of miraculous youtube video when I was just dignosed with something very serious as in desperate condition. In real, it is all about money and playing game with people in a vulnerable situation. I have never seen any spiritual practice repeating ‘a guru”s name when the guru is alive. I think that he is sucking up people’ energy and attention.Karma cleansing seemed really appealing but he put the price up after giving which made a lot of people felt being trapped in debt. He operates his work on fear base,nothing to do with love,peace and harmorny or some compassion. Do chigong and taichi instead. Do it yourself. I have learnt my lesson to do it myself not to follow anyone like that. His team is also entirely into business. I complained to them ” If this is a service you are selling, do the business fairly.” He acts lie the Chinese dictator Mao, with the way he talk and act yet he has some sort of charm which draws people. But I am so glad that I could recognise sooner that he is a crab and serves for people who has same agenda or simply too naive.I am using his book as my cushion now and never play his CD as I refuse to be unconsciously connecting to his ‘Field’. You can study Taoism from other genuine source not him. Thank you very much for this site and I should have read before spending a few thousand dollar for his game.I can go on and on about the wierd details on what happend during the retreat but I am embarrased at myself as I remember that I did all the crazy chanting his name and other fanatic activities. In conclusion, you can find out yourself by spending some money and time but there is a trap that you get stuch without realising it,hoping that you are getting something out him. However, what Cult really can give you back is the lesson that you need to come back to yourself, the cause of problem rather than following someone’s bullshit. I believe in Karma and know that no one can clean your karma but yourself. DR.Sha should know that he would not last any longer. One thing I like him about is saying Thank you three times though. Thank you thank you thank you. This is no harm ^^

  18. PS. Someone should sue him soon. He is harmful for the society at large. Send him back to China.

  19. Hi DLD!
    I have read your article just now. I have been in your situation too.I am glad that only spend a few thousands and walked away. I would encourage you to get a ligal advice and take the action.Be strong and get through it. They know that we are too weak and sick so that we have no strength to even border. I did not pay after recieving the karma cleaning as he put the price up which I simply did not have. I told the team ” this is not fair or ethical business conduct.” They did not harrase me because they know that they are going against the laws and I was in a right track. They might scare you off that you are makinging more Karma by complaining. Let them wait thier time curssing you. You just need to move on, get your money back and get proper treatment that you need. Please be strong, do not buy the fear. Stand up!!!
    I can not believe that this happens in first world countries.

  20. Those who claim he is authorised by a higher being to cleanse your past karma for money are con artist. Buddha has taught repeatedly when one plant a cause will eventually reap the effect. When one is experiencing negative effect, one should learn to accept and come to term with it. Repent and sow seeds of goodness so that one will experience the fruit of the positive cause in the future.

    For those who has learnt to chant Compassion Mantra, please continue to chant it. In fact, you can learn about the true dharma from a Buddhist temple and is free. May you have the good affinity to meet the Buddha Dharma!

  21. Ok from what I experienced on 2 days of sha’s Workshop are : lot’s of mantras, mantras about Sha as God, as the enlightened one, and there is actually a 30 min meditation with a girl only singing:( Master Sha.) and all the time!!! I mean this is totally a brainwash. And they use the black magic as the power to keep people believe that Sha has the power to heal your body,mind,and soul.. How crazy is that!! They use third eye imagines, pendalon, and various mantras.. The workshop was about to clean your karma , they started with a good reason like forgiveness practice and gratitude practice but it all leads to somewhere the leader says so it will be 300$ to give you the chakra blessing so you can have a better beginning of cleaning your past life karmas,and some point the leader(sha’s followers)ask people to bring their own chair on the stage if they accept the (what they call it)the on or fee, there were a moment no one would appare and one of the lead follower with show up and then 3-4 people came after her, after a little ritual of 2 min, the leader was saying unbelievable numbers like this blessing has saved you from 1287 lifetime of knees pain, or 453 year’s of financial problems.
    When I was in there I was really into it, and people that are there are good too, they have good intentions but they are blind from truth, so they just keeping paying and paying.
    Ok let’s think it clearly :
    I have knees pain, so they said that because I have bad karma, in order to get rid of it I shall pay 300$ so I can receive a blessing that can help me on the journey. But wait a moment how do I clean my karma with money..?? That’s my Ego right there that wants a easy thing, the short cut.
    They said that the best thing in the life are free. And it’s so right,!! Thanks God I just came back from 10 days vipassana meditation retreat so my mind is clear. Meditate upon it, and then you will find out the truth in you !! I wish you all have a wonderful life, Love you all!!!

  22. Thank you for shedding light on this damn Con Artist – I live close to Portland Oregon and this Creep has a satellite group here—- I say don’t Keep Portland Weird and run this parasite out of our countries or better yet send him to his damn dead “heavenly team”

  23. Patricia @ 2016-06-05 05:48

    The question arose re Master Sha’s medical training. Dr and Master Sha received his medical degree from Xi’an Jiaotong University in 1983. XJTU has twenty schools with programs in nine areas: science, engineering, medicine, economics, management, art, law, philosophy and education. XJTU has five national key laboratories, four national special laboratories, and two national engineering research centers.XJTU’s eight affiliated teaching hospitals include two ranked in China’s top 100.

    Additional Certification:
    Registered Acupuncturist (R. Ac.)
    College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia, Canada. Chinese Medical Herbalist and Dr. of Chinese Medicine, BC, Canada

    Master’s Degree in Hospital Administration (MHA.)
    University of the Philippines; Manila, Philippines

    Certification in Acupuncture and Moxibustion
    Institute of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine; Beijing, China
    China Beijing International Acupuncture Training Center, Beijing, China

    I hope this helps.

  24. Where is this detailed description of Sha’s education and degrees online at his websites? When I wrote the article I could find nothing. Please provide the links to demonstrate that Sha has noted his education and degrees very specifically at his websites.

  25. I started reading the book when I came across a diagram called “The Source Language Grand Unification Diagram” which “carries The Source Jing Qi Shen Field of Grand Unification”. It has a hand-written date on it of April 4, 2014 6:33pm. I found it slightly odd to be dated and timestamped and when I added up the numbers it comes to 6-6-6. Satanic worship?

  26. “Dr” Zhi-Gang is a gangster and a fraud who needs to be jailed at Rikers’ for his every living moment. I am confident that his soul healers will appear and post bail. In fact, I expect Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ to bail him out

    I sincerely hope that the fat greedy bastard dies of cancer that he wishes on his “followers” who refuse to pay him


  27. Hi Robert Shaw, is one of your love ones in this master sha thing? It is really unbelievable how good people can be fooled. But I think its really hard to stop this guy.

  28. @BO, you stated you have some vids shedding a different light on Master Sha.
    Could you note down these links over here please?

  29. Dear Patricia
    Concerning Master Sha’s medical training you said: “Dr and Master Sha received his medical degree from Xi’an Jiaotong University in 1983.” What is your source of this information instead of just heard saying?

  30. In my opinion, Sha and the other “ascendant masters” under him are nothing but a bunch of very clever crooks. They prey on the weak who typically are in some state of emotional distress. Their practices are demonic to the core. Yes, the “Master” has a connection to the invisible realm, but only with the evil spirits. I was involved for a short period of time and spent a bunch of money on “karma cleansing”.

    They got me at a low point in my life. It took many months of persistence, but eventually a friend successfully pimped me out to the Master (Monster?) The friend claimed that Master could heal me and bring happiness. Unfortunately, I trusted this individual and not my intuition.

    A dangerous cult, indeed.

    So glad I got my butt out of there. I took all their free books and “holy” calligraphy and burnt them in a BBQ pit as I didn’t want this evil garbage falling into the hands of an innocent.

    There is an ongoing battle for your soul, and most surrender theirs to the dark side, in ignorance.

    Guard your soul and wallet.

  31. Dr Sha went to western medical school in the Philippines in the 80’s. He is a good man and powerful healer that means well but is often misunderstood., I feel the language and cultural barrier are a big factor. I don’t blame people for having issues with him or his community because it can be very difficult to adjust to and retention is low because of it. It’s easier if you have plenty of money to spend then you can see the results more quickly without it affecting your personal finances but that is not the case for most people. Everything about him being a cult leader is just a western issue and not his. I’ve known of many spiritual leaders who don’t spend time in the west because they don’t want to be judged as a cult leader. My advice to people is just get what you are meant to get out of it. If you want to immerse yourself then go ahead but you will have difficulties since it is a tough spiritual path and if you just need a healing then go ahead and get it and move on with your life, th choice is yours.

  32. Yes, someone needs to expose him. I bought 10 books to put light in my house and another $1000.00 for 2 sessions with Dr. Rulin. She said he would heal my daughter of EDS and when I asked how much and why before, I got an ear full. How did I dare question them and when I said that most all healer charge after the service, more reasons why and then a threat of being negative will bring more problems to myself and daughter, like it can get much worse, so I sent her the website and info and her reply: You can choose what you believe. I’m not going to argue with you. If this is what you believe, then either Master Sha or myself can heal you or your daughter. You can forget about this and find another solution. I’m telling all my friends to beware!!!

  33. […] https://cultnews.com/2015/04/who-is-dr-master-zhi-gang-sha/ >”There seems to be a pattern of manipulation within Sha’s teachings that can be seen as form of mind control to gain undue influence.”> <<<<“He’s here for one thing: to make money from others suffering. He’s very skilled at mind control and has a number of people, his followers, under the delusion that he’s a being more powerful than God,”>>>> <<<<“I went to a seminar with Master Sha in Europe. And I was totally shocked. He is so greedy and manipulative. Scares the s… out of people by telling them that they will die if they don´t clear karma with him! I spent almost 3,000 Euros on Karma Cleansing that weekend and other Downloads and when I think of that now I also feel a little bit embarrassed,”>>>> —————————————————————– […]

  34. I am extremely worried about my youngest sister, who has become a true believer of “Dr. Zhi Gang Sha” who has had her pay 10s of thousands of Euro already. She is training to be a healer herself now and is charging one of my dying sisters money for pain-relief that she attributes from a distance. This is really going the wrong way. I read lots of similar testimonies here but it stops there. How can we stop this criminal from further destroying lives and families? Is there really nothing that can be done about this? I am so angry and worried, but don’t know what to do!

  35. Lucas Vieira @ 2017-01-23 01:36

    I am a physics graduate and I have come across “Soul Mind Body Science System”, when googling about the mind-body problem and science. I did not buy the book but only looked at its introduction.

    I am still unsure if Dr. Rulin Xiu is a physicist, or just took the name of a physicst (There are indeed publications under the name of Rulin Xiu in Arxiv.org, from 1992 to 1996). Although the historical presentation of modern physics look like something a physicist would write, anyone could have written that, just by doing some research, no credentials required.

    However, for me the most problematic part of how physics was used (to gain credibility from readers and followers) is the name “Grand Unification Theory”. The dubious fact is that the new theory with the equation (which by the way does not explain anything, being therefore quite useless to science as it stands) S + E + M = 1, uses the same name as is used by physicists to describe an unification of the three gauge interactions of the standard model.

    The claim is that Dr. Rulin Xiu did her PhD in “string theory and grand unification theory”, which looks like a fine title of a physics phd (it is still quite a vague title to be honest, because the area is huge). However, this is extremely misleading, to refer to both the “new theory” and the existing theory by the same name. It allows people to think that they are somehow connected.

    I have to say I am absolutely disgusted by these marketing tactics and the harm that Zhi Gang Sha and his business is causing for their members.

    Also the good that may come out of some of the techniques does not in any way excuse such acts.

    I wish I could help but I’m not sure what can be done. One option is to sue, another is to discredit Sha publicly and on the internet. Is there anyone here who would be willing to help? I’m in another country so the only way I could help is through the internet.

  36. Hi Lucas, I want to help to stop this madness. This guy is destroying a lot of good peoples live in name of what he called a good cause.A good cause for him and his bank account.

    Is there anybody else who wants to help?

  37. Michael Bonanno @ 2017-05-22 22:37

    Yes he is cult leader, a total quack, but the link on your website to his site goes to a page that has a link called “Download Master Sha’s bio (PDF)” https://www.drsha.com/content/uploads/2017/03/ZGS-Long-Bio-v4.7-ACCEPTED.pdf

    In that bio he makes the claim “Master Sha went on to study at Xi’an Jiaotong University, completing his medical degree in Western medicine
    in 1983.” No idea how one could verify that, but it may be true.

    Anyway, this weekend he’s doing a retreat with a (Pure Land) Buddhist message, you can watch it online for ONLY $500. All legitimate Buddhist teachers offer their training for free and only accept Dana (gifts of gratitude). Teachers may charge for facilities rental or upkeep, or food, or room and board for a retreat but Teachers do not take fees for their teaching.

  38. Sha knows some techniques to heal on some levels but a huge stretch to say he can remove massive amounts of Karma.

    I saw Master Francisco who belongs to Sha’s organization and he offered 2 free soul enlightenment healings to the those in attendance. Those supposed healing which costs $2,000 and clears negative Karma for 14 generations took a few minutes so why not bless everyone in the room individually during the 10 hr period. This is a classic marketing scam. Why offer 2 people and not everyone else so they don’t have to suffer in life? That’s cruel. Where’s the integrity in that? Where’s the love and compassion in that? Jesus Christ healed for free. In fact, buying enlightenment is a ridiculous idea. If this were true, Donald Trump and other rich individuals can buy enlightenment without doing the work or having to be loving and compassionate.

    The event was a lot like some churches that aggressively ask for money and promise blessings based on the size of donation. More miraculous the more one spends? A lot of hype and feel good and then sell or ask for big money at the end of the service. Jesus Christ, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Dalai Lama, Buddha must be in tears over this.

  39. HowDoYouSpellRelief @ 2018-12-28 02:58

    Hi, I was talking to someone in this group who told me that flowers mean “money” in “heaven” and once I went to the meeting, I saw through them all. Many would mention “flowers” as being a vision they had, and the recruits would use this term as a “code” word for “money”. The people who mentioned flowers, had their recruits chosen for an audience with one of the ‘masters’. Luckily my watching a lot of CSI came in handy. I could read between the lines. Never went back

  40. https://www.telegraaf.nl/e/3171550/

    This is a link to the biggest dutch newspaper site about a journalist who went undercover to the sha organization in the Netherlands (Amersfoort). Hopefully the Dutch authorities will investigate this. The internal revenu services is already notified.

  41. My wife got deeply involved with Divine Healing Hands. Despite my best efforts, I failed to convince her that it was a cult.

    She had breast cancer that she elected to not have removed. She was convinced that she could heal herself through chanting, meditation/visualization. She was also convinced that she needed to donate large amounts of money to get her karma cleansed and for new (spiritual?) organs. I remember her saying it cost her $300 – $500 to buy her mom a new heart from Master Sha.

    She died three years ago and I miss her terribly.

  42. I first met “he who shall not be named” in my home town in Oregon at the Unity church I attended. A woman who is now a very good friend of mine, after the fact, brought him there. She was in his advanced teacher training program and was considered to be one of his special students, top five. This was around 2008-09. Many of the people who got sucked in, including me, were in the healing field already. So, when he showed up and said he needed our help to enlighten the world, we were easy marks. There were many good hearted compassionate professionals who also bit, hook line and sinker. The other thing that he had going for him was his ability to wield a tremendous amount of chi or energy. We were told that he had been a high powered and rich acupuncturist in Toronto. So, it made sense to me that he could manipulate energy, given I’ve met and been treated by several Chinese Oriental Medical Doctors/Acupuncturists who were also martial arts experts, which he also claimed to be. I’m also very sensitive to energy and what I felt coming from him was very strong. Unfortunately, instead of healing people he controlled and manipulated them through absolute fear. If someone questioned him he’d get very angry and during a retreat he’d threaten to dam them to hell. He’d tell people they were going to die painful deaths and that their family members would also suffer. Then he’d offer expensive karma healing packages, in such a way, that all the desperate attendees would run to the check out tables with their credit cards and check books. I saw this happen over and over again. I also participated by signing up for his expensive training program and by purchasing the healing and karma clearing packages. The book campaigns are 100% true. It got to a point, that instead of taking our money for the expensive clearings and downloads that he’d insist we go on amazon and order thousands of dollars in his books to give away. I had boxes and boxes of them. I went to a very large retreat in Toronto and met some really smart, highly educated and professional people who’d also been sucked in. It was a 7 day retreat and we slept and ate very little. It was there that I came to understand the organization hierarchy. There was a pecking order of power amongst the very top students. The “number one” student ended up suffering a mental breakdown at the retreat and the explanation given was that he’d be given too many downloads by the “master” and he couldn’t handle it mentally. The next series of retreats I attended were in San Francisco. By then there was a new “number one” top student, named Michael. He was an attorney and he and his wife had joined the cult because they wanted to save humanity. Seems silly unless you were there. I had several one on one private conversations with him and he confided in me that the previous number had gone crazy. He noted that his own family members had tried to get them out of the organization. He also said that in the beginning the master was pretty even keel but that he’d become more and more erratic and he also felt the master was insane. By then I’d figured out that the whole thing was dangerous and yet the energy field around him was very seductive. Most people in the room with him would experience their kundalini energy popping on suddenly and running at a very high level. Imagine being ramped up sexually, turned on by not orgasming. Very seductive. Indian gurus have been known to employ the same techniques to control their devotees. At the last retreat in SF that I attended, during an all night “flow session” while we sat in the room and he “flowed” (dictated) yet another book, he stopped suddenly and said to those of us still in the room at 3 am, “You are all very special and I’m going to teach you how to grab people’s souls!” Horrified, that’s when I realized how he does what he does: grabs people’s souls in order to control and manipulate them and enrich himself. It was always about the power and the money and that really irritated me because he was so powerful energetically. He could’ve really healed people but instead he chose to harm them. I got up and left and never came back. I got several emails and phone calls from
    His top teachers telling me I had an obligation to stay because I’d gone through the healer/teacher program. I had to tell them in no certain terms to fuck off and leave me alone. I also told them that a true teacher/master doesn’t use fear and manipulation to control and steal from his devotees. About that time his number one top teacher, Michael, died from a heart attack. Unfortunately his sweet wife continued to be part of the cult. I decided I needed to rid my life from every trace of him. This was also during the economic downturn and I think that contributed to people’s fear about the future. I personally know many people who lost their homes and businesses and went bankrupt as a result of giving the master all their money. Very sad situation. So, I contacted a kahuna friend of mine in Hawaii who’d also been sucked in. We discussed at length our experiences and decided to wipe him out of our lives. She gave me a special prayer to say, asking for forgiveness, that I said as I dumped the books into the river next to my home. She said she did the same thing as she dumped hers into the volcano. My friend, who first brought him to the unity church did the same thing while she threw hers in the local dump. She also quit her elite teacher status and about that time several other top teachers who’d been with him for 20 years quit. They were upset because he was taking most of the money they made when they were doing healings with clients. But, there was also someone new chomping at the bit to take their places and be “special” to the master. It was very cut throat. The nastiest top teacher was actually an ex-nun. So crazy! Over the years I’ve continued to take back books I’d given friends and family members and telling them I was sorry. I also went to the local library, stole them and threw them away. Unethical, I know, but I didn’t want other people to be harmed. I still see them st yoga studios and other places around town. I swipe them and throw them away. I’m glad I got out when I did and yes I hid from my husband how much money I spent. I am very regretful about that. I’m no dummy, I have a masters degree in Sports Medicine and have worked in the healing field all my life. But, I got sucked in. That is the first and last time that ever happened. This man is very dangerous. He’s a thief. I always saw his assistants carrying huge suitcases of cash at the retreats. I can’t figure out why no country have ever caught on and arrested him. I hope this is helpful to anyone reading this and that you and your loved ones can avoid being harmed. Thank you! Xxxxxxxx

  43. The Central Scrutiniser @ 2019-09-02 01:10


    With respect to the sum of $6,000 I would suggest that in the first instance you discuss this matter with your credit card provider. Under most consumer regulations concerning credit and hire purchase, they have a joint responsibility if goods/services are not delivered. If Dr. Sha cannot present tangible evidence that he provided the service then you are entitled to a refund in full, together with any interest payments.

    With respect to the “honour fee” that is a different matter and depends upon any written contract you ay have signed with respect to said pledge. However, if the payment is a mere ‘honour’ then you could stop at any time. They may well harass you by telephone and email and send intimidating letters but other than that they cannot recoup further money from you without a court order.

  44. The Central Scrutiniser @ 2019-09-02 01:39

    @Misty Coral

    You state: “Master Sha studied at Xi’an Jiaotong University, and completed his medical degree in Western medicine in 1983.”

    Master Sha could not have done so, as from 1928 up until 1985 the Medical School was actually part of the National Peking University, not Xi’an Jiaotong University. Then between 1985 and 2000 it was called the Xi’an Medical University. The Medical School did not adopt the name Xi’an Jiaotong University until 2000, at which time it became known as Xi’an Jiaotong University Health Science Centre (not Medical School).

    Moreover, despite being the first national school to teach western medicine, none of the above has ever offered an undergraduate or postgraduate degree course entitled “Western Medicine.”

  45. Dale Ridington @ 2020-01-03 19:05

    My brother has been involved with Master Sha for years. They now have him meditating for 3 hours a day. He does this with Master Sha’s music playing over and over. I feel as if this is brainwashing.

    They take claims for manipulating natural disasters. For example, when the tsunami did not hit Hawaii a few years ago it was because Master Sha diverted it. Or he raised millions of “Hungry Ghosts” out of London.

    I feel like they use techniques that give the attending people anxiety. Such as Master Sha is doing a one time karma cleansing that he will give to you at a cut rate……but hurry as this opportunity is closing and will never return.

    My question is why do you have to charge people for these events that should be for the good of humanity? It just smacks of the “Red Light Special” that we used to see in the department stores. Why do they not just tithe like other religions? Or what people can afford?

    He has had many readings with this organization and from these had false hope on a HUGE financial investment he made. He was confident that through their counselling this investment would fly…..well guess what….he lost all his money.

    They also make claims of curing physical aliments, in my brother a leg injury from over training. I didn’t see any change in him.

    They also have a right hand man whom is/was a Neurosurgeon and this seems to make people belive even more as he has credit because of his profession. He has recently written a book with first hand accounts of the healing of Master Sha. I think it lets peoples guard down when you have someone from such a high profession.

    They also have paper folding and money burning ceremonies to appease the Gods?? They go down to the center and fold these Chinese papers and they find somewhere to burn them. A lot of the people that do this have a “Third Eye” open and can see the entities receiving these offerings. I also wonder why the whole religion is so Chinese based? My brother has bought one of the calligraphy art done by Master Sha which in words “Cost a lot of Money” and I think he basks in this while he is meditating.

    I think the people that are attracted to this cult are people that are very sensitive and truly do want to do good for the world. I attended a meeting with a friend to see for myself. I do feel there was some positive energy in the room. I don’t know if this is from the people believing, and chanting. Belive me there is a lot of chanting with the same words over and over.

    I received a gift of a soul healing in which I had to sit at the front of the room where I was given “A Transmission” (my friend was killing herself laughing) I swear I was affected by this for a few days. I don’t know why only that I myself is a sensitive.

    I shudder at the thought of how much money my brother has spent there. He won’t tell me. Anyways, this is my 2 cents worth on Master Sha. I don’t trust it, but my brother seems happier being involved. He is not going as much since he has lost so much money in the market. He is though, still meditating 3 hours a day in Master Sha’s field. He is a person that is the most honest, kind, pure vegetarian, because he wont eat anything with a face on it. He just wants to help the world with all the negativity that it holds. I have brought up cult watch to him, and that he should read it all…but I have to be careful as to what I say as it’s his belief.

  46. Very dangerous man. Didn’t trust him from the beginning though I was lurked in at one of his centers in Europe because I liked one of his female ‘masters’ so much. Did an extended workshop which opened my eyes. Fear Mongering, money grabbing tactics,he’s indeed a ‘soul grabber’ stated in another comment here. Works for the dark forces in disguise. Due to my efforts and another person I could open the eyes of that female ‘master’ and she quit. Glad I could accomplish this because she was a good soul. I learned even more to trust my own intuition which was right from the start. Never forget that the devil also can do a lot of grandiose tricks and always hides as a charming guy!

  47. Anonymouse @ 2020-03-14 05:05

    I met a woman today who is being inducted into this cult. She seems really early on, and not very comfortable with it. She’s from out of the country and I’m really worried about her. I’m planning on contacting the embassy from the country she is from with the info I have right now, but does anyone have advice on how to help her??

  48. See https://cultsinsideout.com/

    This book can be quite helpful in developing strategy to respond.

  49. I have been watching Master Sha videos. Seems convincing but I have one big question. Why doesnt he talks about his family. I remember this question was asked and he said he is married and have children and thats about it. I cant find anything about his family in the web. Looks like he has something to hide. Does anybody know about his family. Looks like he mentioned his parents and siblings but stop short on his marriage and children. Can anyone answer this question?/

  50. shameonhim @ 2020-09-28 15:14

    I have also spent thousands of dollars on this center, and I also began volunteering. I just stepped out last weekend. If I didn’t go to a medical intuitive last week, and get some consultations, I never would have realized what kind of harmful man he is.

    I got cursed by his magic, and I began to act very crazy. I began to scream at profanities in the middle of the morning, and I thought I was totally crazy. But when I went to the GP, they said I was mentally fine, and couldn’t find out a root cause.

    And what he says that body can be healed by chant, is in reality due to Neuroplasticity, and the power of the brain. please read on Joe Dispenza’s book on how he self-healed.

    I am not here to disclose much about him here, but he does use bad things on people, so people obey. Please be careful. I am still struggling right now, so even at night, I suffer a lot. I thought I wanted to be a servant of god, but little did I know that we are all vessels of god if we choose to be, and we can all be helpful to this humanity. He isn’t a dedicated servant for humanity, but EVERYONE IS! (if they choose to be.) May you all be blessed and steer clear! Lots of love to all of you, Jean

  51. “Dr.” Sha is affiliated with the “LovePeaceHarmony” group and my daughter has become a member here in Toronto. Any info anyone can share would be welcome.

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