Cult leader Dave McKay, founder of the self-proclaimed “Jesus Christians” is apparently back in business using the new name “End Time Survivors” preaching on YouTube.

Dave McKay, now in his seventies, is originally from Rochester, New York. McKay married and moved to Australia in 1968 where he joined the cult “Children of God (COG).” COG became infamous for child sexual abuse. McKay later decided to leave COG and become leader of the so-called “Jesus Christians” in 1982.

Like Moses Berg, the founder of COG, McKay became notorious for the total control that he exercises over his followers. Now on YouTube he is “Brother Dave.” Claiming divine revelation McKay says, “When I tell people that God talks to me I can see the wheels turning, their thinking ‘psycho,’ ‘psycho,’ this guy needs professional help.” Maybe McKay is a psycho. Apparently if you disagree with Dave you disagree with God.

Dave McKay

Dave McKay

McKay’s group was dubbed the “kidney cult” because reportedly more than half of his followers donated a kidney in what many saw as a ploy for media attention.

Brother Dave seems to be adept at “brainwashing” his disciples according to numerous press reports. And after new recruits join his group they frequently cut off virtually all communication with family and old friends. The group has also garnered controversy for recruiting minor children.

Complaints from estranged families and bad press followed Dave McKay wherever he went and made his group appear toxic. No wonder McKay has chosen to rebrand his group online with a new name. Brother Dave even blurs his face and his followers are masked to obscure their real identity on YouTube.

YouTube is a popular venue for some groups called “cults,” who use it for recruitment and fund raising. McKay now has more than 3,000 YouTube subscribers.

One of the End Time Survivors videos states, “The information on this channel is coming from a lot of people and most of them have been able to hide their identity they do it for the express purpose of getting you to think about what is being said rather than making you depend upon some guru who will do all your thinking for you.”

However, this is exactly the reason that families and others concerned complained about the undue influence of Dave McKay, a religious guru who they said was thinking for their loved ones.

Don’t be fooled by this “kidney cult” or trust in Brother Dave’s supposedly divine revelations.

Instead, recognize the familiar pattern of a con man and cult leader feeding off of his followers to fulfill his ego.

Dave McKay expects his devotees to give up their identity, family, friends, virtually everything and anything upon demand, even at times their vital organs.

Beware of Dave McKay and his band of masked “End Time Survivors.”

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  1. Brian Birmingham @ 2017-03-07 17:15

    You’re not Jesus, Dave.

  2. is dave McKay “A Voice in the Desert”? also on u tube
    it appears that there are three affiliated cults recruiting on U tube. I can’t shake the feeling that they are all connected. Brian Birmingham do you know anything about this? If this is the case the people need to be warned!! perhaps a warning on a separate channel on u tube would be a good idea???

  3. Hola,
    To answer your question saidso, your inclination was correct.A Voice in the desert just uploaded the End times survivor full graphic movie. These false teachers & cults are going strong onot youtube.
    Be vigilant.
    God bless

  4. elimuss anon @ 2017-05-23 09:24

    Hi I have been studying voice diligently and many of his videos are excellent.I have found, however, that the general attitude is that of condemnation if you “do not”follow the teachings as intepreted by them. Somehow, made to feel less. I felt totally devastated when I received an email from them basically implying I was “Wasting their time”, as I hadn’t given up everything within the past few months. I obviously wasn’t serious enough and coming up with a load of excuses. I won’t accept that kind of attitude towards me. However, the principles are good.

  5. Can you do a review of the documentary on “The Source Family” ?

  6. JK Harris @ 2017-08-22 00:45

    My neighbor and close friend Major Gordon Dukes has apparently been seduced by these “End Time Survivors”. He ran away a few days ago and his parents are desperately searching for him. If anyone has information, please visit and let his mother know.
    Kids, listen carefully….if ANYONE ever tells you to deceive, lie to, disobey, and/or abandon the authority figures specifically ordained by God himself (i.e. your Father and Mother) in the name of Jesus…….run. Satan is a beautiful temptress sometimes so guard your hearts and never ever keep secrets.
    Come home Major!

  7. I’d like to think of Dave as a serial rapist. That way, I can focus on the importance of what he says with what he is.

  8. I had some emails back and forth with one of their brainwashed recruiters. They take small parts of Gods word twist it and make their own literature about it. They attempt to decieve you into selling all you own taking your cash and joining them in some secret place apparently. They guy I spoke with in emails left his toddler son and wife to follow rapist dave. Sad. I thank God im not that foolish . Im sorry to hear about Major Dave . We all need to pray for these people decieved by this devil.

  9. Dale Mckay @ 2020-03-03 13:17

    My brother had a sad childhood with many psychiatric problems. A very dysfunctional family life has given my brother and myself as well as all of my siblings’ a lots of life problems. Let me know if I can help you all understand more about this very sick man.

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