“Sex cult” leader Keith Raniere and his accomplice Nancy Salzman are both now awaiting sentencing after multiple felony convictions. But in 2009 and 2010 the pair were riding high on Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman’s money and suing everyone and anyone. Now previously sealed depositions from one of their frivolous harassment lawsuits have been made public.

That lawsuit was NXIVM v. Ross, which dragged on for 13 years before it was dismissed by a federal court without ever going to trial. Raniere and Salzman spent millions of dollars (other people’s money) suing Rick Alan Ross, the Cult Education Institute (CEI) and other defendants.

The objective of such litigation was to silence criticism and purge embarrassingly revealing reports that analyzed NXIVM training seminars (aka Executive Success Programs) in a very unflattering light.

However, the reports first published by CEI written by doctors John Hochman and Paul Martin were never taken down and remained online throughout the litigation.

As part of this protracted litigation, that dragged on for more than a decade, Raniere and his sidekick Salzman, were deposed for hours under oath.

Raniere wanted this testimony forever suppressed and sealed so that no one would ever know what he and Salzman had admitted or lied about under oath.

However, now that Raniere is sitting in jail waiting to go to prison, probably for a very long time, and his cohorts in crime Seagram’s liquor heiress Clare Bronfman, “Smallville” TV star Allison Mack, nurse Nancy Salzman and her daughter Lauren Salzman, are all also awaiting sentencing, there is no one to oppose releasing this very revealing testimony.

CultNews now announces the online release of the Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman deposition transcripts. You can now read them within the CEI archives.

Many may say after reading this sworn testimony that Keith Raniere does not appear to be a “genius,” but rather seems like more of an “idiot” and a “con man.” 

Just point, click and read the transcripts that Raniere wanted sealed forever as follows:

The deposition of Keith Raniere March 11, 2009

The deposition of Keith Raniere March 12, 2009

The deposition of Keith Raniere May 13, 2009

The deposition of Nancy Salzman June 8, 2009

The deposition of Nancy Salzman June 9, 2009

The deposition of Nancy Salzman June 10, 2009

The deposition of Nancy Salzman October 14, 2010


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