By Rick Alan Ross

ABC GMA3 hosted leaders of a purported “cult” and asked them to dispense marital advice on what a show segment called “Faith Friday.”

Michael and Monica Berg, leaders of the so-called “Kabbalah Centre” were touted as “spiritual thought leader[s]” by ABC News presenters Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes. The Kabbalah Centre couple were even asked, “What is the key to a loving and lasting relationship”?

But Michael Berg’s background is hardly the basis for marriage counseling.

Philip and Karen Berg

The Kabbalah Centre, which was founded by Michael Berg’s father insurance salesman/rabbi Philip Berg (aka Fievel Gruberger) and his mother Karen Berg, has no meaningful history as part of the organized Jewish community. And credible Kabbalah scholars both in the US and Israel have sharply criticized its unorthodox practices, such as selling supposedly miraculous Kabbalah Water and claiming that somehow scanning the pages of the Zohar without being able to read the text imbues the believer with special energy, protection and/or power.

CultNews has received complaints about Michael Berg’s parents (now deceased), the Kabbalah Centre, its teachers and specifically concerning both Michael Berg and his brother Yehuda, found guilty of sexual misconduct with a Kabbalah Centre student, a scandal that pushed Yehuda Berg into the background, behind his brother Michael.

Michael and Monica Berg

The Kabbalah Centre is essentially the Berg family business and with wealthy patrons like Madonna and Donna Karan the Bergs became rich, despite the fact that the Kabbalah Centre is a tax-exempted religious nonprofit, which was investigated by the IRS. Nevertheless the Berg family greatly benefitted from the enterprise and now Michael Berg and his wife Monica run the organization from New York, though it has many other branches, such as Boca Raton, Los Angeles and London, seemingly targeting wealthy enclaves where people have more money to spend.

This video explains how the Kabbalah Centre and the Bergs manipulate their students and followers.

CultNews has received very specific complaints about how the Bergs and their teachers influence students/followers regarding their personal relationships, discouraging them from marrying or staying with someone that they see as an impediment and/or threat to their control. So rather than being a source of credible advice to couples the Kabbalah Centre has historically torn people apart, including estranging family members, if they ask too many critical questions.

How is it that ABC News did not know this and allowed the Bergs to use the GMA3 program platform to promote themselves, their podcast and teachings?

Is there someone associated with this news show that is a fan of the Bergs and the Kabbalah Centre?

Or is it possible that the GMA3 staff just didn’t bother to do an online search for more information about the controversial couple?

If someone at GMA3 had done some meaningful research they would have found that the Kabbalah Centre has a deeply troubled history of bad press, complaints, scandals and personal injury lawsuits. A number of news organizations have released very critical reports about the Bergs and their business.

Did GMA3 somehow miss that?

The Cult Education Institute has a historical archive that reflects criticism of the Bergs and the Kabbalah Centre within the United States and internationally, including Israel.

Michael Berg was asked by one of his GMA3 hosts to offer closing remarks to inspire us all. Berg then ruminated about the importance of realizing your potential and that the possibilities are “limitless.”

Well, Michael Berg certainly does seem to have limitless possibilities for self-promotion, paid for and supported through the spiritual empire he inherited.

But when a news program hosts purported “cult” leaders it’s more likely that those leaders will conspire rather than inspire, and that’s why it’s best to ask tougher questions, rather than pitching them flattering softballs.


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