Scott Caruthers created a “cult” called “Beta Dominion Xenophilia” or BDX in Baltimore. And it seems that he didn’t take disloyalty lightly. One of his followers was marked for murder because she somehow demonstrated less than the expected fealty to her leader, reports the Maryland Sun.

Now Caruthers is claiming an insanity defense.

What was once apparently an article of faith amongst BDX members now may be largely the basis for that defense. The 57-year-old “cult” leader claims he is a “space alien” that communicates with a “mothership” via cats.

But despite such bizarre claims, which most people would call “crazy,” the prosecution’s psychiatrist says Caruthers is at least sane enough to stand trial. Maryland must have a pretty low threshold for sanity.

This rather twisted criminal case is now winding its way forward to the courtroom and Caruthers’ counsel is trying to suppress evidence. Apparently the “alien” from outer space especially liked the sound of his own voice and archived incriminating recordings.

Could this be a case when a “cult” leader’s own rants convict him?

It remains unclear at this time if any cats will be called to offer corroborating testimony.


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