Self-styled “counter-cult” crusader Anton Hein runs websites from Amsterdam in the Netherlands that are supposedly devoted to enlightening people about groups he calls “cults.” Hein preaches his particular brand of religion and leads a so-called “house church,” though he is not an ordained minister or recognized as an authority about anything. His main website where he sells advertising is called “Apologetics Index” and he also runs several other sites related to the subject of cults and/or religion.

Hein has cultivated quite a following on Twitter, where he has thousands of followers. But what most people don’t know about Anton Hein is that he is fugitive sex offender with a felony warrant issued for his immediate arrest in the United States.

Hein was charged and convicted for “the crime of LEWD ACT UPON A CHILD.” Hein sexually abused his 13-year-old niece.

Since his conviction, despite ultimately admitting his guilt in court, Hein now claims he was somehow really innocent. In a long rambling apology at his website Hein attacks the credibility of his victim rather than admitting his own sin, which according to Christianity, is a sign of true repentance. Hein instead lists the alleged sins of his niece.

Anton Hein (Police file photo  19940

Anton Willem Hein (Sex Offender file photo 1994)

Cult News recently received the official court records regarding Anton Hein’s criminal case. These documents are now posted online, which include Hein’s Declaration (plea agreement), Criminal Minute Order, felony complaint and the final Pronouncement of Judgement.

Hein says, “The lewd act I plead guilty to is applying sperm-killing cream at the request and insistence of my niece, after she had had intercourse with a boy.” Hein states that his niece subsequently “developed a vaginal infection.” And that “at the hospital the doctor determined there were scratches.” The doctor then reported the situation. The authorities responded to the doctor’s report by arresting and prosecuting Anton Hein. Apparently the doctor, police and prosecutor didn’t believe Hein’s “sperm-killing” story.

After reviewing the documents an interesting discrepancy became evident between Anton Hein’s public statements and his criminal record. Hein says there was only one incident, which led to his criminal conviction. However, the felony complaint lists two criminal counts. The first count occurred “on and between March 14, 1994 and March 20, 1994” and the second “on and between March 20, 1994 and June 14, 1994.”

So it seems, according to the court record, Anton Hein sexually abused his niece more than once and repeatedly committed a “lewd act upon a child.” Something Hein doesn’t admit in his long apology. Instead, he says there was only one incident, which was somehow misunderstood, that led to sex charges being filed against him.

Cult News asked Anton Hein to explain this contradiction for clarification, but received no response.

It should be noted that since his felony conviction, time served and registration in California as a sex offender Hein violated the terms of his release. There is currently a felony warrant issued for his immediate arrest if he ever attempts to reenter the United States. The warrant is listed under Anton Willem Hein at the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s website.

Note: Anton Hein was contacted by CultNews to explain why he failed to mention that there are two child sexual abuse incidents in his criminal record. CultNews received no response.

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