A group of anti-government extremists and self-proclaimed “Redemtionists” espoused a philosophy they called “redemption-in-law.” This basically meant paying your debts with bad checks and/or phony paperwork, though I am sure they had some other more “philosophical” explanation.

Recently a group of “Redemtionists” passed millions of dollars in bad paper all over Ohio, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. But the group’s scheme broke down at a Cadillac dealership, when members tried to buy new luxury cars with bad bank drafts.

It seems though “Redemtionists” may have preached against the establishment, they longed for one of its most enduring status symbols, a shiny new Cadillac. But that desire was their undoing. Ultimately 17 members were indicted for racketeering.

The motto of the Cadillac dealer must have been, “In God we trust, ‘Redemtionists’ pay cash.”


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