Hooked on Scientology?

A band called the “Jive Aces” sponsored an “anti-drug” event in Scotland, reported John Rutter of the Evening News in Scotland. But despite the fact that the band has promoted Scientology all over Europe and its “Say No to Drugs” campaign, they claimed that Scientology will not be promoted through their festival.

Scientology spokesman Graeme Wilson stated, “Any material we give out is for drugs education. None of the information we will be giving out will have any message about Scientology.” But this is often simply “Scientology Speak” for promoting Narconon, which is an essentially Scientology controlled drug treatment program.

Self-professed former “drug addict” and actress Kirstie Alley, a long-time Scientologist, credits Scientology for curing her drug habit. She is a strong supporter of Narconon, but now seems hopelessly hooked on Scientology.

Perhaps the band in Scotland not only plays “jive,” but talks it too.


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