According to an Illinois State’s Attorney, Matthew Hale can publicly list himself as an attorney, despite repeated court rulings that deny him the right to practice law in Illinois.

Stewart J. Umholtz, the designated County State’s Attorney responsible for Peoria spoke today by phone from his office in Pekin, Illinois. Mr. Umholtz explained why he has taken no action against Matthew Hale concerning the Neo-Nazi’s published promotion of himself as an “attorney.” Umholtz said, “If he does not charge and/or collect fees, it’s not criminal.”

However, Umholtz’s assessment seems to contradict a previous statement made by the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC) of the Supreme Court of Illinois. The ARDC said, “In Illinois, a person who falsely represents him or her self to be an attorney has committed a criminal offense.” When advised of the ARDC statement Mr. Umholtz replied, “I will call the ARDC and check on that.”

Mr. Umholtz acknowledged receiving a complaint about Mr. Hale some time ago regarding this matter from a Peoria resident. But he insisted that his office had more pressing and important matters to attend to, such as “burglaries.”

Matthew Hale, founder of “World Church of the Creator” was linked to Benjamin Smith. Smith murdered two people and wounded nine, during a three-day rampage of hate in 1999. He was a member of Hale’s church. Hale said that the Illinois refusal to let him practice law likely led to Smith’s rage. Whatever the reason, he was a pivotal influence in Smith’s life.

Matthew Hale continues to test the law, some might say he flaunts it. But according to State’s Attorney Umholtz he can do that.

Note: According to the Peoria resident who originally filed a complaint with County State’s Attorney Stewart Umholtz, he knew the ARDC stated that Hale had committed a “criminal offense” from the beginning. The Peopria resident says Umholtz received forwarded email from the ARDC, which specifically stated that opinion. This seems to contradict Umholtz inference that he somehow didn’t know what the ARDC said and/or needs to “check on that.”


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