The Peoria Journal Star picked up today on the story about “attorney” Matt Hale. They report that County State’s Attorney Stewart Umholtz says he is now following-up on a second complaint he received about Hale two weeks ago.

But the Peoria newspaper neglected to mention that Umholtz and the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission actually received their first complaint two months ago.

The second complaint involves an associate of Hale’s now in prison. He wrote the inmate and on the envelope listed himself as an “attorney.” Interesting, and why is it not surprising that this “attorney” has an associate in prison, rather than in a law office?

Hale claims that listings of him as a lawyer were done when he thought Illinois would let him practice law. Good cover story, maybe it’s true. But the US Supreme Court refused to hear his appeal to practice law in Illinois, so that time will never come.

The Neo-Nazi Hale then offered this analogy, “Abe Lincoln didn’t have a law license but he was an attorney.” Excuse me Mr. Hale, but you’re no “Abe Lincoln.”


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