Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was famous in the 1960s as the Beatles’ guru. But after the Beatles dumped him he kept going on and on, something like that little erstwhile Eveready battery bunny. Today in his eighties he’s still beating his drum, most recently about a proposed “peace plan,” reports the Washington Post.

But please understand that the Maharishi’s plan is not free. Like most of his other ventures, this plan has a price tag too. The guru apparently wants everyone to buy his new “Global Country of World Peace” bonds. Hey, he even pays interest, though how this will be accomplished seems vague. You might be better off picking up Iraqi peace bonds instead.

The guru’s plan involves building thousands of “peace palaces” for his followers to hop around in—or as he prefers to call it “yogic flying,” an advanced form of “Transcendental Meditation.” He says that all this frenetic hopping will somehow generate world peace. Paul and Ringo are you listening?

By the way Maharishi, like most cult leaders, doesn’t see democracy as a good thing and it certainly isn’t part of his peace plan. The guru said, “I call it ‘damn democracy,'” quoting himself. Of course his country is a dictatorship and he is its ruler. Interestingly though, despite this Maharishi inspired “The Natural Law Party” founded by his followers, which is now suing Kansas to get on that State’s ballot, according to Associated Press.

The Beatles may have sang “all you need is love,” but Maharishi seems to think what he needs is power and cash.


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