TVIND a controversial Danish charity with branches around the world has been called a “cult.” And its leader Amdi Pederson is now in jail facing criminal charges for fraud.

One TVIND charity was donated clothing supposedly used to help the poor of the Third World. However, through an elaborate scheme, TVIND sold the clothes for profit and used the proceeds for itself. It appears only a tiny fraction actually went to the poor.

However, the Danish stores that once allowed TVIND to place its collection bins on their property have withdrawn their cooperation, reports the Copenhagen Post.

Meanwhile TVIND’s leader has fallen from a Florida penthouse to the jailhouse. Amdi Pederson says he should be released on bail because of his age and ill health. But a new book about TVIND by a former member rejects such claims, quotes the Copenhagen Post.

Perhaps Mr. Pederson should think about living conditions in Third World and the illnesses its people face. Obviously, if he had really focused his attention upon this, he wouldn’t be in the fix he is in now.


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