Sonya Fitzpatrick says she can talk to dogs and cats too. And now the heavily promoted “Pet Psychic” has her own show on “Animal Planet.”

Fitzpatrick claims she communicates with household pets through mental pictures and wild animals through body sensations. She also speaks with dear departed doggies. Is that another market share? Sonya seems to have convinced at least one reporter at the LA Times.

A so-called “pet psychic” is improbable, but like other paranormal types Sonya makes people feel good. Lonely for your old pet? Sonya will hook you up. Concerned about a messy litter box? Fitzpatrick will work it out, or at least seem to.

The ratings for such shows are good, so expect to see more.

What about an insect psychic? Can cockroaches be reasoned with and an infestation arbitrated? Perhaps some network will offer a plant psychic for gardening buffs? Those pesky weeds could stand a good talking to.


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