Move, a cult group with a history of disregarding the law, is refusing to let a father who is a former member, exercise his court ordered visitation rights. Rather than let the man see his son they have boarded up the cult house where the mother who is a member and her little boy live, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Move fired upon Philadelphia police when they came to serve warrants in 1978. This confrontation ended when police dropped a concussion bomb, which caused a neighborhood fire. Authorities are loath to repeat that episode and have stated that they will not initiate action.

The cult claims the father abused his child, but this appears to be only a fabrication. Cult groups frequently invent such stories to control their children and environment. The father is not a Move member and therefore the group may see him as evil, or at least a negative influence. And destructive cults not only isolate their adult members, but also their children.

Only the most extreme cults create a controlled environment through a compound or communal housing. Move is certainly extreme and now a six-year-old boy is caught in the middle.


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