Madonna in a rut

Madonna once sang about “getting into the groove,” but now it seems she’s stuck in a rut. The middle-aged pop icon persists in her “spiritual” trip, which includes “yoga” and “Kaballah” lessons, reports Reuters. But her teachers of these respected traditions are from controversial fringe groups that have been called “cults.” One of her yoga teachers is a devotee of 3HO and her “Kaballah” lessons come from an organization run by Philip Berg, which he named the “Kaballah Center.”

But the “material girl” apparently feels any controversy surrounding these groups is somehow immaterial.

Perhaps Madonna, like most celebrities involved in groups called “cults,” never sees or is subjected to the dark side of these organizations. Like most celebrities involved, she is more likely to be catered to and fawned upon, rather than exposed to the demands made upon regular members.

Hollywood types are known for gathering “yes people” around them and indulging in self-centered pursuits. And it seems that for some “spirituality” is not unlike using drugs or partying and is simply another journey down the road of narcissism and/or hedonism.

However, regardless of the fun Madonna and other stars may have in indulging themselves, they often become a lure used by groups to promote products, courses and recruitment. In this sense they take on some of the responsibility of the harm, which may be done to others.

Madonna is certainly not some wide-eyed naïve type, “like a virgin.” Hopefully, some day she will be a more mature mother and offer her fans a better example


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