Arthur Allen Jr. leader of the “cult” group “House of Prayer” came out swinging in a dramatic belt-wielding performance before his devoted followers on Sunday.

The pastor convicted for child cruelty is headed for jail and sentenced to ten years probation, but he told his flock, “I can’t go against God. I can’t bow to the will of man.” He also claimed that “evil forces” brought him down, reports the Atlanta Journal.

But it was Allen’s own arrogance that really brought him down, though obviously he can’t accept this.

Cult leaders are often defined by their megalomania. In this sense Allen parallels David Koresh, who likewise thought any opposition to his teachings was somehow “against God.”

However, most Christians would instead call opposition to child abuse “Godly.”

Allen, an apostle of abuse, essentially told his followers to disregard the court and to keep beating their children. However, submission to civil authority is mandated within the New Testament. But such biblical exegesis would probably not persuade Mr. Allen. Like Koresh who also abused children, he seems to have his own idiosyncratic interpretation of scripture.

Allen appears ready to go to prison and take as many of his flock with him as possible. He asked them on Sunday, “You mean you’d go to prison?” And one devotee responded, “We thank the Lord for the way you’re leading us.”

Allen seems to leading his followers to prison. But perhaps the pastor believes that prison is the “Promised Land.” That is certainly what the judge promised Allen when he was sentenced. Amen?


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