The Black Panthers of the 1960s were a grass-roots social movement that began in Oakland. They were dedicated to black empowerment, civil rights and gained a cult following. One of their founders was Bobby Seale who became both a folk hero and media star.

Now Seale is “furious,” but not about racism directed at blacks. His anger is instead directed against a black group generally regarded as both racist and anti-Semitic, which uses the Panther name. Seale feels the group has falsely used the Panther name and expropriated its history, reports the New York Times.

The so-called “New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense,” even doctored a famous photo of historic Panther icon Huey Newton, replacing his image with their own deceased leader and hero Khallid Abdul Muhammad, a former leader within the Nation of Islam.

Seale says the “new Panthers” have done nothing for the black community and it seems he plans to take them to court over the use of the historic name and logo, which are trademarked.

The “new Panthers” now led by Malik Shabazz has gained attention through sensational comments. Shortly after September 11th they named the United States and Israel respectively, the top two terrorist nations on earth.

Shabazz sees “Zionist plots” everywhere and favors vitriolic terms like “white devils” and “bloodsucking Jews.” Commenting about Seale’s effort to preserve the history and name of the historic Panther movement he said they are “working with the Zionists.” And he added, “I think their lawyer is one.”

Perhaps everyone who somehow objects to or opposes Mr. Shabazz is either part of a “Zionist” conspiracy or in league with “white devils”?

Maybe the next doctored photograph produced by Shabazz and his followers will be Bobby Seal’s head superimposed on Israeli leader Sharon’s body touring the West Bank.


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