Scientology charity?

“Scientology Volunteer Ministers” cooked and served meals to workers cleaning up after Hurricane Lili in Louisiana, reports the Daily Advertiser of Acadiana.

The same group has done other volunteer work, such as “assisting” workers at Ground Zero after 9-11.

But is this a genuine effort to help, or a thinly veiled publicity stunt using high profile disasters to promote Scientology’s own interests?

A closer look at their recent effort in Louisiana is somewhat revealing through its cost effectiveness. That is, no cost to Scientology. The meals were made from food donated by local residents. Likewise, an area restaurant donated its kitchen and utilities.

Scientology provided the labor of 50 “volunteers,” which doesn’t cost the church anything. Those volunteers then prepared and delivered the meals wearing bright yellow T-shirts with the logo “Scientology Minister” across the front. They probably paid for their own gas.

So for virtually nothing out of pocket, the controversial church got a photo op and some publicity for little more than rounding up some of its faithful to work for free.


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