It seems that authorities have finally decided to crack down on the most powerful polygamist group in Utah.

A policeman from Hildale, Utah, which is dominated by the polygamist group known as “Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” (FLDS), has been charged by Utah’s attorney general with bigamy and illegal sex, reports the Associated Press.

FLDS member Rodney H. Holm 36 has three wives and two of them are sisters. His third wife, his first wife’s sister, bore Holm two children before reaching 18.

Holm’s first wife is also criminally charged for abetting the crimes of her husband.

The polygamist policeman’s lawyer, who also represents the FLDS, claims his client is being persecuted. He says Holm is guilty of nothing more than “living [his] religion and teaching it.”

This seems to be a common refrain when members of some religious groups called “cults,” are held accountable for their actions by authorities. They seem to feel that anything done in the name of their beliefs is legal, or at least should be immune from prosecution.

But certainly a lawman like Holm should have known better than that.


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