Purported “cult” leader “Master Jong” tells his followers the way to dispense with original sin is to have sex with him, reports Japan Times.

Jong, once a member of Rev. Moon’s Unification Church decided to start his own religion. So he copied many of Moon’s “Divine Principles” and added his own article of faith. It seems enduring sexual harassment and exploitation is the path to salvation for his female followers.

Of course cult leaders that exploit their followers for sex is nothing new.

David Koresh required his Davidians to be celibate. That is, unless they were chosen to have sex with him in a joint effort to plant the “seed of David.” It is believed that most of the children who perished in the Davidian compound outside Waco were the offspring of such unions.

Interestingly, Rev. Moon was “unfaithful” and a boy was born as a result of an affair he had with a church member, according to the book “In the Shadow of the Moons” written by Nansook Hong. But Mrs. Moon said, “It was a ‘providential’ union, ordained by God.”

Sounds like Master Jong has copied more than religious principles from his former mentor.


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