Early this month Pat Robertson picked up a half million dollars from government coffers. The money came from discretionary funds administered by Bush appointee Tommy Thompson at the Department of Health and Human Services, reports Working for Change.

Specifically, it was Robertson’s faith-based charity called “Operation Blessing” that received the cash grant.

Ironically, the star of Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) was once critical of the program to fund social services through religious groups. He referred to the Bush “faith based initiative” as a “Pandora’s box” that once opened might benefit such groups as Scientology or the “Moonies.”

However, now that “Pandora’s box” has turned into a cash box for the good reverend his criticism has apparently ceased. He certainly didn’t turn down the grant.

According to reporter Bill Berkowitz “Operation Blessing” once blessed CBN with a $2 million dollar grant of its own. Perhaps that’s why the Robertson charity has its own critics.


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