During the immediate aftermath of September 11th volunteers from Scientology worked Ground Zero frequently clad in their “Scientology Volunteer” T-shirts. One such volunteer later plumbed that experience to produce a book, reports the New York Post.

During the first few weeks after September 11th members of the Church of Scientology served food and coffee to workers at Ground Zero and at times did what they call “touch assists,” which is essentially a form of faith healing.

Scientologist Juliet McIntyre, a 20-year-old “aspiring actress,” worked at Ground Zero for three weeks. In her new book she tells of the suffering and hardships she endured through the often-uncomfortable environment, including less than adequate sleeping accommodations.

But maybe McIntyre should be grateful that she was working above the rubble instead lying below it, or mourning the loss of a family member?

The NY Post says that the Scientologist made herself the “central character” of the book and September 11th became merely her “backdrop.” Perhaps a little less narcissism and a bit more focus would have served the author better.

Scientologist John Travolta is mentioned in the book, he visited at Ground Zero. And other than their common faith, McIntyre and the celebrity are likely to share another distinction. Her self-indulgent tome appears bound for the same status as Travolta’s box office bomb “Battleship Earth.”

McIntyre’s book deal does look just a bit opportunistic. So when Scientologists “volunteer” is there always a catch or hidden agenda? Is their public compassion at times contrived and linked to some self-promotional effort?

In McIntyre’s case September 11th seems to have provided her with attention and money.


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