Guess what fanatics from Islam and some Jewish extremists have in common? They both hate Israel.

A fringe group of ultra-Orthodox Chasidic Jews called the “Neturei Karta” or “the Guardians of the City” consider the Jewish state an “abomination,” reports the Guardian of London.

Historically, some ultra-Orthodox Jews initially opposed the establishment of Israel on the grounds that it essentially undercut or pre-empted the “messianic” redemption they expected. Their position was to wait for the messiah, rather than be Zionists and work through the UN.

The Islamic Wahibi sect of Saudi Arabia would likely agree with such radical Jewish thinking. They too consider Israel an “abomination.” And support for violent radicals amongst Saudi Wahibists, unlike the “Neturei Karta,” appears to go all the way to the top, reports the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC).

So is there any chance that these different groups of religious radicals might sit down and discuss their mutual hatred? Might this be the basis to begin a dialog? After all according to their respective religious traditions aren’t they both descendents of Abraham?

Forget about it.

Saudi Wahibists often describe the “demonic nature of Jews,” like a religious doctrine, reports the DLC.

Eric Hoffer, the author of the seminal book “The True Believer,” points out that there is little difference between the “true believers” or fanatics from one group, as opposed to another. He wrote about their common characteristics, motivation and dynamics.

Ironically, it might be observed metaphorically, that they often seem to share the same “demonic nature.”

In what can easily be seen as a summary of the story of Osama bin Laden Hoffer once said, “Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life.”


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