Yusuf Bey 66, a prominent leader within Louis Farrakhan’s “Nation of Islam” pleaded innocent last month regarding charges of child molesting, despite damning DNA evidence.

Now Bey has been booked on 27 more sex charges after three more women came forward, reports the Oakland Tribune.

Bey is being held in jail pending $1 million dollars bail.

Louis Farrakhan the fiery and charismatic leader who has warned the US against the moral consequences of a war with Iraq seems to have his own moral dilemma. It is unclear what he will do about Bey.

Another man with ties to the Nation of Islam is the Washington D.C. sniper, which was more bad news for the Muslim leader.

Certainly, Minister Farrkhan cannot be held personally responsible for the actions of every follower. And the Nation of Islam does not encourage or condone such criminal acts.

Oakland community leaders are in shock regarding the revelations about Bey, reports the Oakland Tribune.

It may be time for the originator of the “Million Man March” to march over to Oakland and confront the moral outrage there.


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