Cult leader Lucille Paulin is now in jail serving an eight-month sentence for beating children in her group called the “Four Winds Commune, located on Prince Edward Island in Canada.

However, soon Paulin may face far more serious charges.

The surviving siblings of a child who died within her compound believe Paulin may have poisoned their 12-year-old brother. And now they want justice.

Canadian authorities have decided to investigate the boy’s death, reports the National Post.

The dead child known only as “Jonathan” came with his parents to live in Paulin’s commune. They apparently accepted her proclaimed role as leader and “prophet.”

The child’s surviving siblings believe child welfare didn’t properly protect their brother and may have attempted to cover up that failure.

Sadly, this has become a common story.

Child protection both in Canada and the United States often seem befuddled when confronted by abuses within religious groups. Should they err on the side of caution, or be careful, so as not to be accused of “religious persecution.”

Where does child welfare begin and religious rights end?

It seems at the grave of little Jonathan.


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