Matt Hale the founder and leader of the so-called “World Church of the Creator” says it’s moving.

Well, not exactly.

Though Hale claims his “world headquarters” will officially move to a new address in a small Wyoming town he will remain in Peoria, Illinois, reports Associated Press.

The white supremacist apparently just wants some of his followers to set up shop out West.

However, whatever Hale says must be taken with more than a little skepticism. The ardent racist has a history of making misleading statements, such as listing himself as an “attorney” on the Internet, when in fact he can’t practice law in Illinois.

Hale has a law degree, but the not so popular Peoria resident couldn’t convince the Illinois State Bar to let him in.

There is an old adage that a man cannot be a “prophet in his own land.” In Hale’s case this also includes being a lawyer.

Maybe Hale should try his luck in Wyoming? Peoria just might give the racist a rousing send off.


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