A Sci-fi “cult” named the “Raelians” has ginned up their publicity machine to gain as much attention as possible and some Canadians are joking about it.

The group led by “Rael,” once known as Claude Vorilhon, says it’s going to produce the first cloned human any day now.

And Canadian columnist Mike Argento jokes, “It makes perfect sense that a group that believes aliens created us as an experiment would perfect human cloning.”

However, despite all the hype Vorilhon has not offered one piece of objective evidence to date that substantiate his grandiose cloning claims, reports Associated Press.

When he testified before the Congress of the United States he cited no proof that could be verified, he just talked and talked and talked. Rael likes to talk.

Brigitte Boisselier is shepherding this supposed “scientific breakthrough” for “Clonaid,” the company Rael and his group started. But the good doctor is not a geneticist or even a specialist in reproductive medicine; she is instead a chemist and a “bishop” within the Raelian Church.

Boissselier’s says her next client for a clone may be “Dracula.”

Uh huh.

Clonaid won’t tell where its facilities are, nor will they say where the cloned baby will be born. They allege a documentary is in the works, but won’t share the name of the Production Company.

This unidentified filmmaker will record the DNA testing to prove the Raelians have produced a clone.


So what’s at the bottom of this seemingly endless plethora of articles published about the Raelians and their coming clone?


It’s all apparently spin and fantasy without any meaningful substance.

So who is the joke really on?

Rael has had some fun, ego fulfillment, garnered much attention and free promotion. He certainly is happy. And when he abandons his latest publicity stunt the “cult leader” will walk away with a substantial stack of clippings, proof to faithful Raelians just how important he really is.

No, the real joke is on the media, and how easy it was for Rael to play them.


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