According to Opinion/Editorial letters within the Salt Lake City Tribune, freedom of speech is doing fine in Utah.

One writer claims, “I am convinced that Mormons value free speech as much as other lovers of the Bill of Rights.”

But do they?

The writer is actually commenting about “free speech” within a closed system. That is, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) speaking amongst themselves.

However, the real test of being “lovers of the Bill of Rights” seems to be the city block in downtown Salt Lake City adjacent to the Mormon Temple built by Brigham Young.

If Mormons really wanted to demonstrate how they “value free speech” they would allow all voices to be heard, which obviously includes non-Mormons. But apparently the church hierarchy and its obedient faithful have no intention of doing so.

A non-Mormon also commented with the Tribune and pointed out that simply passing out tracts with another religious viewpoint resulted in arrests near Temple Square.

Does this sound like a democracy or a theocracy?

No matter how LDS leaders try to spin this one it’s abundantly clear that they have set limits to both religious tolerance and free speech in Utah. And the Constitution has nothing to do with it.

Ironically Mormonism, which has been called the “most American religion,” doesn’t seem to appreciate the simple truths and values that has made the United States a great nation.


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