Fundamentalist Christian and televangelist Jerry Falwell is being compared to cult leaders on an Internet website and he is mad about it, reports Associated Press.

The Virginia preacher is so incensed he has taken the site’s owner and creator to court.

The website puts Falwell on a list of “false prophets” with Jim Jones and David Koresh.

It seems doubtful though that the lawsuit will succeed and it apparently has drawn more attention to the website.

Interestingly, Jerry Falwell remains friendly with a man many have called a “cult leader.” The founder of the Unification Church Rev. Sun Myung Moon, has given the Baptist minister subtantial checks and Falwell has seemingly reciprocated by appearing repeatedly at Moon functions.

It seems ironic that Rev. Falwell is so upset about being lumped together with cult leaders, when he is so tight with one. That friendship seems particularly ironic, since Moon claims to be the “messiah” supposedly sent by “God” to finish the job Jesus failed to complete.

You would think that this would upset any good Baptist? But apparently not Jerry Falwell, or at least not it seems if the so-called “messiah” has money and is generous.


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