Nicole Kidman will talk about Scientology in her interview with Leslie Stahl slated for this coming Sunday on CBS “60 Minutes,” says Liz Smith.

The former wife of Tom Cruise will supposedly reveal some of her feelings about the controversial church, which has been called a “cult.”

If Kidman brings out negative aspects of the church, it will a first. Typically, people who have left Scientology appear afraid to speak out, especially celebrities. The organization has a reputation for being quite punative when it comes to ex-Scientologists who say things they don’t like.

Kidman has a history of making remarks in interviews that seemed to distance her from Scientology. There has been speculation that Scientology may have contributed to the disintegration of her marriage and subsequent divorce. And also, that Kidman had concerns about its influence upon her children.

Curise remains a devout Scientologist and one of its most ardent public advocates.


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