According to the leader of the “Sci-fi cult” called the Raelians cloning claims may prove to be a “cash cow.”

In a recent interview Claude Vorilhon, who now calls himself “Rael,” stated that there are now 2,000 potential cloning customers on a waiting list willing to pay a fee of $200,000.00. That would mean the company he inspired named “Clonaid” could potentially take in $400 million dollars, reports Knight Ridder.

So far Clonaid seems has successfully bilked at least one couple out of hundreds of thousands of dollars to clone their dead son. But the father now says, “They weren’t doing anything, they weren’t working.” He feels embarrassed by the episode and believes Boisselier had no real intention of attempting the cloning, reports the Daily Telegraph.

How many more desperate and/or despondent people will pay Clonaid, for what appears to be little more than unfulfilled wishful thinking?

Brigette Boisselier, a Raelian bishop and the CEO of Clonaid claims “Eve,” the alleged “clone” her company supposedly produced, is coming to the United States for “testing,” reports USA Today.

However, can such “tests” be independently verified?

Based upon Boisselier’s track record it looks doubtful. And her “independent expert” Michael Guillen has already drawn sharp criticism and deep skepticism amongst credible scientists.

Real is having a great time though. The “cult leader” and apparent egomaniac has certainly cashed in on a media bonanza.

In Rael’s self-published book “Yes to Human Cloning” released just last year he boasts, “For a minimal investment of $3,000, it got us media coverage worth more than $15 million…I am still laughing, Even if the project had stopped there, it would have been a total success,” reports Reuters.

What was Boisselier’s 30 uninterrupted minutes of CNN live coverage worth?

Rael must be laughing even harder this time.

The FDA is now looking into the Raelian claims to see if they have done anything that might have violated US regulations, reports USA Today.

But it’s doubtful that the group has broken any laws. Pretending to produce a human clone isn’t illegal.


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