Actor Nicole Kidman has apparently tossed off the “cult” baggage of her failed marriage to Tom Cruise, reports the Star-Ledger.

The New Jersey newspaper reported that her exploration of the controversial church has “quietly ended.”

It was rumored that Kidman’s ambivalence about Scientology may have contributed to problems in her marriage to Tom Cruise, who is a devoted Scientologist. And she did seem to distance herself from the “religion” in many previous interviews.

Kidman’s father is a psychiatrist; a profession often viewed with contempt by Scientologists, who frequently demonstrate against psychiatry. Her commitment to Catholicism may have caused conflict with some of Scientology’s teachings.

Scientology claims its “technology” enables adherents to perform better in life.

However, it seems that Kidman’s performances have improved since leaving the church. Her turn in the movie “The Hours” is now drawing Oscar buzz, while her former husband Cruise is not doing so well in his most recent films.

Many observers have commented how much happier and more animated Nicole Kidman seems to be since her divorce. Maybe this is the result of dumping Scientology, or perhaps just breaking it off with a Scientologist.


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