Richard Butler 84 once proudly ruled over his own compound kingdom in Idaho known as the “Aryan Nations.” But now the old racist is broke, dispossessed and apparently dying.

Butler was sued into bankruptcyand then evicted, seeming proof that “every dog has its day.”

However, the ailing hate monger still managed to choose a new leader for his fragmented and fading group between hospital visits, reported Associated Press this past Saturday.

Butler chose his old pal Harold “Ray” Redfeairn. In better times the two men liked to parade together in downtown Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

A splinter group that left Butler says “weirdos, winos and clowns” now surround him

Right. As if these characters were anything but “weirdos” and “clowns.”

Redfeairn claims his focus will be upon the racist theology of the so-called “Christian Identity” movement.

Many groups like the Aryan Nations were founded by charismatic personalities who quickly became “cult figures” and totalitarian leaders. Before his fall Butler once held such a position of prevalence and power.

Redfeairn said, “It’s never been my desire to be the grand pooh-bah of the Aryan Nations.”

Whatever Ray. There isn’t much left to be the “grand poo-bah” over anyway.


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