John Dawson, who has been with Youth with a Mission (YWAM) for more than 30 years has now been chosen by its “Global Leadership Team” (GLT) as YWAM’s new president. He will assume his new role next September, reports Charisma News Service.

Founded by Loren Cuningham in 1960, YWAM is a controversial ministry that has generated serious complaints over the years. Though supposedly “retired” Cuningham still sits on the GLT.

Some former members have specifically complained that YWAM’s “discipleship training” is coercive and controling. That training is often conducted within relatively isolated camps run by the organization.

It is unclear what real power the president of YWAM wields, or how the GLT can be held accountable to the 12,000 full-time workers in 130 countries that it controls.

One consistent complaint about the organization historically, has been its authoritarian syle of leadership and lack of meaningful accountability.


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