Another Raelian scientist

A professor on the faculty of Alabama A & M in Huntsville is a Raelian spokesperson, reports Associated Press.

Professor Hortense Dodo thinks of herself as not only a microbiologist, but also “something like a priest” and says she is interested in “reaching out,” which apparently means recruiting for the Raelians. The teacher insists though, that she keeps her proselytizing out of the classroom.

Dodo is researching the possibility of producing an allergen-free peanut through cloning. No definitive breakthrough yet for the professor.

Interestingly, the Dodo is also an extinct bird known for its stupidity.

However, the Alabama microbiologist has probably had better luck cloning peanuts than another Raelian “scientist” Brigitte Boisselier has had with humans. Boisselier continues to claim success, but offers no proof.

The Raelians also claim they have 55,000 members worldwide, though there are only five in Huntsville.

Not unlike cloning claims, Raelians appear to grossly exaggerate their membership. Objective reports place the number of active Raelians at about 5,000.


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