Matt Hale the self-proclaimed “Pontifus Maximus” of the hate group called the “World Church of the Creator” was arrested recently for allegedly plotting to kill a federal judge.

However, according to a Hale groupie in Wyoming it’s all just bogus, reports the Casper Star-Tribune.

Thomas Kroenke says, ”The very idea that an intelligent man, such as P.M. (Pontifus Maximus) Hale, would be so foolish to conspire to murder a judge over any issue, much less an issue we are winning, is absurd.” Kroenke is the man Hale appointed to lead the group in Wyoming.

Hale may have a law degree, but apparently his intelligence can’t find a way to cash in on that diploma. And he still lives with his father. Needless to say his racist views and conspiracy theories are hardly original and are instead the reiterated rant of other like-minded hate mongers. Hale even failed to pick an original name for his group.

What’s so “intelligent” about all that?

Clearly, regardless of the outcome of Hale’s current criminal case, his followers will continue to believe whatever their “P.M.” says. They likely will consign the evidence, prosecution and/or “PM’s” possible conviction, to yet another conspiracy theory.


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