The Japanese cult Aum will continue to be watched closely by Japan’s Public Security Examination Commission for at least another three years, reports The Japan Times.

The religious cult attacked Tokyo subways in 1995 with poison gas, killing 12 and sending thousands to hospitals.

Some of those Aum members responsible for the attack have been sentenced to death.

Aum’s once supreme leader Chizuo Matsumoto, known as Shoko Asahara, remains in custody and on trial.

Aum is now called “Aleph” and supposedly has a new leader, but the group has not totally and definitively denounced Asahara. He apparently is still revered to some extent.

88 Aum facilities are in operation now in Japan.

Modern Japan known as a homogenous and peaceful society was shocked by Aum’s violence. Since 1995 cult awareness and education have become an important focus for the island nation.


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