Rev. Ronald Oree Nation once watched over Sunday school programs for the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI) across the country, but now the man with twenty years of service to that denomination won’t even see a paycheck, reports The St. Louis Post Dispatch.

Nation almost 70 was busted in a public park for allegedly having sex with another man. He apparently was literally caught with his pants down.

The UPCI is not waiting to see if Nation is found “guilty.” They seem to have already decided that and has been “retired.”

The UPCI is known for its “holiness standards,” which include strict rules about personal grooming and dress. It comes as no great surprise then that the fringe Pentecostal denomination would effectively toss out someone publicly exposed for sexual misconduct.

No doubt Nation kept his homosexuality a secret, the UPCI has a history of denouncing that sexual preference.

Likewise the UPCI denounces other Christians who do not abjure the trinity as “pagans” in need of salvation. They also believe that baptism is necessary for salvation. This means that Christians not baptized according to the doctrine are going to hell.

Nation may be out of job, but he can still go to heaven. That is, if he continues in his commitment to the UPCI and its doctrines.


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