It looks like the Raelians are trying to cash in on all the free publicity they received regarding their now seemingly bogus cloning claims.

But the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is watching Clonaid, the company run by Raelian Bishop Brigitte Boisselier, reports Knight Ridder.

Clonaid is trying to sell venture capitalists on pumping in some cash. Investors can get in for a minimum $25,000.

One family says Clonaid bilked them out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Clonaid Vice President and Raelian Thomas Kaenzig spoke at the MoneyWorld 2003 Investment and Trading Conference recently held in Florida. He admitted that the SEC has contacted him.

A financial expert said investors should be wary of Clonaid. The analyst concluded, “Until they supply financial disclosure forms and DNA proof of the cloning, this is nothing more than a biotechnology Enron.”

This sounds like an understatement.

Enron and its CEO Ken Lay seem like Standard Oil and Rockefeller when compared to Boisselier and Clonaid.


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