Devout Scientologist Tom Cruise continues to be mentioned in the press regarding his relationship with an heir to Australia’s greatest fortune, reports The New Zealand Herald.

James Packer, son of billionaire Kerry Packer, landed at New Plymouth airport in an executive jet over the weekend to visit the American movie star, now shooting his latest film there.

The two are buddies and persistent reports claim that the friendship prompted Packer to explore Scientology.

It seems like Tom Cruise is effectively chumming the waters “down under” for Scientology by using his star status to catch big fish for the controversial church, which has been called a “cult.”

And he may have caught a whopper for Scientology if Packer has become involved.

However, the “Sci-fi cult” doesn’t always keep its catch.

Nicole Kidman has apparently broken away from Scientology. And both Nicholas Cage and Michael Jackson left hardcore follower Lisa Marie Presley, without becoming deeply involved.

But a billionaire Aussie would certainly be a good swap for Kidman.

Hollywood celebrity appears to be a flashy lure when “cults” cruise for converts.


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