Henry Ford, founder of the automotive giant, would likely disapprove of his great-grandson’s ideas. Alfred B. Ford, an heir to the auto manufacturing fortune, hopes to establish a “Vatican” for the Hare Krishna “cult” in India, reports Associated Press.

Ford has given the group $10 million dollars to help build the massive complex, which has a projected total cost of $100 million dollars.

Alfred Ford has been a Krishna devotee for more than 25 years.

The Krishna organization is now being sued through a class action lawsuit for more than $400 million in the United States. The former children of Krishna devotees who were horribly abused within its school compounds years ago filed the suit.

And though Krishna leaders have acknowledged the claims as largely valid and based upon fact, they have threatened bankruptcy rather than offer a meaningful settlement to date.

Perhaps the Ford heir should have created a fund for taking care of Krishna’s victims before building them a “Vatican”?

Both the historic Vatican and the one Ford hopes to create have a rocky road ahead regarding child abuse claims.


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