It looks like a friendly relationship continues to develop between Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam and Rev. Moon’s Unification Church.

Unification Church members literally rolled out the “red carpet” for Mother Tynnetta Muhammad, a leader within the Nation of Islam. She was on a tour apparently sponsored by the Moon organization during December, reports the Nation of Islam’s “Final Call.”

The growing friendship and collaboration between Minister Farrakhan and Rev. Moon is interesting. Farrakhan is reportedly short of cash, and Moon is flush with it.

Moon has often given large amounts of money to ailing ministries, such as Jerry Falwell. Falwell has appeared at Moon functions and there seems to be a “quid pro quo” understanding in such situations. Specifically, Moon gives cash apparently in exchange for photo ops and seeming endorsements.

Moon has made some inroads within the African American community, but this has typically been through Christian clergy. Now it appears he hopes to include Black Muslims in his ongoing effort to gain greater influence.


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