What’s in a name?

“Cult” leader Dwight “Malachi” York charged with sexually molesting 13 children within his group called the Nuwaubians says his name is now under “copyright,” reports The Macon Telegraph.

York’s still devoted followers passed out “copyright notice” advising the media that his name and aliases cannot be used “unauthorized.”

How will York enforce such a dubious claim? Why through his court of course.

The handouts were stamped: “Received, Jan. 08, 2003” by the “Clerk of Federal Moorish Cherokee Consular Court, USA.”

Does all this sound crazy?

Well from a man whose aliases include “Imperial Grand Potentate” and “Grand Al Mufti Divan” maybe this type of behavior shouldn’t seem too strange.

In court York threatened that any copyright violations, as he defines them, could potentially “cost $500,000.00.”

But even this sum wouldn’t buy freedom for the “Imperial Grand Potentate,” since no bail has been set for him.

York’s indictment now lists 197 counts and thus far things don’t look good for the “Mufti.”

It is said that pedophiles are more about power and control than sex. And destructive cult leaders are certainly known for that same obsession.

Apparently York is struggling for some semblance of power in a situation where he has lost control.


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