Tomorrow the biggest birthday bash in the world will take place in North Korea. It will commemorate the 61st year of North Korea’s absolute dictator Kim Jong-iL, often called the “Great Leader,” reports The Guardian.

Never mind that the isolated nation has endured poverty, deprivation and starvation through the despot’s rule and now faces a growing crisis regarding nuclear weapons, it’s time to cut the cake and have a party.

The Workers party newspaper controlled by the “great” one gushed about the “magic of heaven” linked to the blessed event. There will be mass demonstrations, parades and endless speeches.

Some say North Korea represents perhaps the biggest cult in the world today. That is, a state devoted to one personality with complete totalitarian control.

The annual birthday bash tomorrow certainly reflects the depth and intensity of that devotion.

One Kim devotee said, “He is my father, also our father.”

Another birthday celebrant claimed, “No one can match his creativity and enthusiasm.”

This may be true. Kim has created a myriad of assets and holdings outside of his homeland and enthusiastically stashed away reportedly more than a billion dollars in foreign accounts.

Some say North Korea reflects “Big Brother-style brainwashing,” a reference to a fictional totalist world government described by George Orwell in his book 1984.

But even Orwell might be shocked at the level of control achieved by this “big daddy.”


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