Scientologists were elected to the new Hollywood Advisory Council amidst controversy and allegations of packing the polls, reports the LA Daily News.

An election for citywide advisory councils last week included Hollywood, which is a bastion of Scientology with more than a thousand full-time staff.

According to one disgruntled candidate often blue uniformed Scientology workers “descended by the busload” to pack the polls and successfully elect their fellow Scientologists to the new council.

The guidelines for this election were murky at best and apparently Scientology’s seemingly organized election effort was legal.

Often in districts with low voter turnouts a determined and focused special interest group can exercise an inordinate influence, disproportionate to their size within a community.

If Hollywood residents don’t want Scientology to play a pivotal role within their advisory council they should turn out voters to cast a ballot.

However, voter apathy seems to be a constant dilemma within the American democratic process.


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