It looks like Helen Thomas was right when she dumped UPI.

After Rev. Moon of the Unification Church bought control of the historic wire service Thomas decided to move on and find a better place for her column.

And judging by its content maybe UPI has become something like a press release service for groups that are often called “cults.”

Here are two recent examples:

Rev. Moon, the guy who essentially now controls UPI, got quite a plug for his “peace conference” in South Korea recently. The headline read, “World leaders gather for peace.”

But is this really a legitimate news story or just another one of Moon’s self-promotional photo ops?

The rich “cult leader” often subsidizes such gatherings and frequently pays “leaders” to attend and hear his speeches and/or watch him receive some award.

A blurb in UPI’s “Capital Comment” titled “Hooray for Hollywood” touted Scientology’s effort to attack drugs prescribed by psychiatrists, through its front organization “The Citizens Commission on Human Rights.”

Scientology is against almost anything connected to psychiatry, since it sees itself as essentially the only valid means to mental health.

Maybe the Moon-controlled UPI wants to give other “cults” a plug too?

However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to see UPI as a credible “news source.” Instead, the historic wire service seems to have quickly become a spin-machine for Rev. Moon and his chosen friends.


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