The website decided to dedicate a section to religion recently, and everything from “Jewish Nerds” to Yoga was discussed and joked about.

One comic Kimmy Gatewood wrote about a fun-filled evening at Scientology headquarters in New York.

The apparently street-wise comic quipped that it was cheaper than a Broadway Show.

She took the “free personality test,” walked around and even saw a film short.

Gatewood says, “I fell out of my seat laughing.”

Besides the humor what can be readily be seen from her story is how smooth Scientology can be. First it’s free, then Gatewood is quoted only $25.00 for a handbook.

No doubt their come on would have escalated as courses and “auditing” would be suggested, which can get pretty pricey.

But like many groups called “cults,” Scientology comes on slow and escalates involvement in gradual increments.

It’s an effective sales approach. Actor Chris Reeve was taken in for awhile and he’s a Cornell graduate.

However, little Kimmy was not an easy mark. She concludes, “All in all, an evening well spent in my continual search to understand others. More important, a lesson well learned in celebrity-endorsed cults. You’ll never get me, Travolta!”


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